Sovryn Origins — a Bitcoin native launchpad

Sovryn is DeFi for Bitcoin

Previous sales on the Origins Launchpad — © Sovryn

Why a new protocol for the launchpad?


$OG token usage

  • Vet projects: OG holders will vote to allow projects to launch through Origins.
  • Governance: OG holders will have a say on how treasury funds will be used.
  • Fair sale participation: OG holders will get fair access to pre-sales with preferential pricing.
  • Staking: OG stakers will share rewards from the sale revenue.

The strong bond between OG and SOV

OG/SOV bonding curve — ©

Origins business model

  • Pay a fixed fee.
  • Pay a percentage of the supply of their listed token.
  • Pay a percentage of the amount raised.
  • OG Stakers: 50% of the revenue.
  • Origins Treasury: 20% of the revenue.
  • SOV Stakers: 20% of the revenue.
  • Bonding Curve: 10% of the revenue goes to buy OG from the bonding curve and then burn the OG tokens.


Public sale

IDO data

  • Blockchain Technology: Rootstock RSK.





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