XP.network review: the no-code NFT dApps building platform that will reshape the market

Design, deploy, migrate — with or without code

Could creating NFT dAPPs be so easy as to click-and-drag? XP.network promise us that

It’s a brave new world on the cryptolandscape. NFTs are getting more traction and increasing exponentially on both popularity and recognition. Interesting enough, most people still only relate NFTs with ‘art’ (we can thank cryptopunks for that). Nevertheless, NFTs can be, and will be, so much more. As they are unique and non-replaceable, they will open a new world of endless possibilities. Think of concert tickets, legal documents, lotteries, insurance, tokenized real-world assets… all of these could be easily converted to an NFT and be stored, sent or received via a proper blockchain.

I believe we are still a tad early for this, but it will come, and probably a lot sooner than most of us expect. As of now, we don’t have a lot of options to built NFTs dApps for specific purposes (let’s say, to create NFTs concert tickets), and the ones that currently exists are mono-chain and will probably require some coding. XP.network aims to change this:

XP.network will let you build NFT dApps on any blockchain…the best part is that you don’t even have to know how to code: their smart contract editor is all drag-and-drop.

This does change a lot of things! besides from -the early bird catches the worm- XP.network is truly doing things right: a demo ready to use, clear use cases [more on this later], and more importantly, a proper list of supported networks and partnerships. Take a look at the supported networks (so far!):

Expect SOL, ALGO and much more in the near future.

So what other use cases or features XP.network has? Things can get very interesting here. The team behind XP.network is going above and beyond with their project. Here are some of the more cool and interesting features that I’ve stumbled upon while researching the project:

  • NFT marketplaces: users can create their own NFT marketplaces. These could be used privately, publicly, or however the user wants! with tons of tweaks available to define the marketplace.
  • NFTs as collateral for lending: imagine being able to take a crypto loan with an NFT as collateral, this would be huge! In theory NFTs are idle on wallets cause their owners believe they would increase in value, why not take advantage of that?
  • NFT fractionalization and NFT insurance: wanna buy an NFTs with your friends? partner? even your family? you could do it with XP.network. Additionally, the team is working on insurance solutions for NFT.

And one of my favorite features…..

  • A cross chain NFT bridge: this would allow any user to transfer their NFTs from network to network. Want to go to X network cause is more secure or cheaper? XP.network will take care of it. Very neat.
The easiest way to send NFTs from one network to another, courtesy of XP.network, awesome stuff, can’t deny that.

Closing thoughts

All in all, XP.network looks really good on paper, and I mean, really, really good. It ticks all the boxes of a top-notch project. What I like the most (beside what it wants to achieve) is the that the team has been building the platform and its features BEFORE their IDO. They have received funding from more than 20 VCs (which speaks highly of the team and their resolution) and are truly getting their hands busy in building a high-quality project.

IDO details below

XP.network will be launching on September 14, 2021. It will be available on two launchpads, BSCPad (Binance Smart Chain’s launchpad) and OccamRazer (Cardano’s launchpad). Keep in mind that even though OccamRazer is designed for Cardano, it is currently running on ETH.

50 millions tokens will be on sale for $0.02 each. I will probably be getting my tokens on BSCPad, if possible, just to save on fees.

You may find further IDO details here.

Take a look at XP.network’s site and social networks:

Website: https://xp.network/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/xpnetwork_

Telegram: https://xp.network/greem.svg

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/xp-network/

Discord: https://discord.gg/TeVRwUYu

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