Building Data Infrastructure for the Future of Cities

Boris Chan
Jul 31 · 2 min read

Last year, my two close friends and I decided to join Ford X to work on the future of transportation. We built a scooter-sharing company called Jelly, and our research informed Ford’s acquisition of Spin.

During the process, we worked with thought leaders across different industries. We learned of the many challenges businesses and cities have sharing data with one another. This problem with data-sharing extends beyond mobility.

We realized that for a smart city to be “smart”, it needs to be able to exchange data with businesses that is for the public good. However, this requires easy-to-use tools, services, and standards that must be simple for businesses to integrate with. Cities need data infrastructure that can handle this exchange.

My co-founders and I have worked on many of the open standards and open-source software products that power the internet today. We believe the same approach to openness should apply to the tools cities need to deal with data in the long-term. We also think these tools should be built by third-parties separate from the cities and businesses themselves to help broker trust.

That’s why we decided to start from the ground up. We’re founding Roundtrip to build data infrastructure for the future of cities.

Stay tuned!
Boris Chan, CEO

To learn more, contact me at

Roundtrip is building data infrastructure for the future of cities.

Boris Chan

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Currently: data infrastructure for cities at Previously: @Pivotal, @PivotalLabs, Xtreme Labs engineering (acq’d by @Pivotal). @UWaterloo alum.

Roundtrip is building data infrastructure for the future of cities.

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