Chill Out Wednesday #5

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

When you are cold in December and building up to #Christmas, I find I need a regular chill out! Whilst most are filing the pubs and getting excited, I’m usually hiding, internet shopping and willing Oxford Street to fall into a bottomless pit. Ever tried going there in December? Worst.

Anyway, chilling me out this week has been this banger from untitledaccount — Aglaya. Now, what do you mean #banger when this is a #chill blog, I hear you cry?! Well, anyone who samples #UKG classics and manages to completely warp them into a #futuregarage smasher, has made a #banger in my eyes!

Bonus points to whoever comments below with the ID of the original sample! (When I say bonus points, I’ll send you my new EP before anyone else gets it! Incentive to comment right?)

The atmosphere (especially in the broken down bits) the organ, pads and the pitching of the vocals really give it an awesome soundscape, but with the classic “Burial-esque” (as everything #futuregarage is!) beat, it forces you to get the head down and sway. “One for the journey home” as I often hear these tunes described.

Much mystery surrounds the account that is “untitled”, no info in the info tab on Soundcloud and no tunes for a year. Anyone know who he/she is?

I love that.

Until next week — enjoy: