Route 1 Audio #HPOTW

Another week has passed us by and in the land of bass music it has not been a quiet one. Apologies for the delay in getting this segment up this week but with out any further ado below you will find a selection of releases or forthcoming material we’re feeling at the moment, enjoy.

  1. Fabriclive 90 — Khan & Neek

The club may be closed for the time being but the Fabric brand is still alive and healthy as ever. The Fabriclive series is still going strong and the latest instalment from Khan & Neek is a true testament to that.

This compilation is packed wall to wall with bangers, Rules of the dance and also the Khan & Neek remixes of both Hot it up and Bongo just to name a few.

For the djs out there you’ll also be glad to know that the individual tracks are available for purchase too.

2. Medison & Ruckspin feat. Rider Shafique — Life Cycle

The latest release from the pressed records camp comes curtesy of Medison & Ruckspin featuring Rider Shafiique.

This is definitely one from the deeper darker side of the spectrum and also features a Quantum Soul remix that stands its ground against the orignal.

Really feeling both versions of this, expect to hear them in rotation on the show.

3. Joker — Fantasy

Not yet available but Joker teased us with a snippet of a forthcoming track from his upcoming Ep.

The only word that comes to mind to describe this track is cinematic!

We can’t wait to hear what he’s got in store for the next Ep from the sound of this its going to be epic!

4. Soulection White label series — Various Artists

Ok so the last selection for this week is a little different and some of you may be aware of this already. Were massive fans of the whole Soulection movement over here and these guys are great when it comes to giving fans a freebie.

They have been running the white label series for a while now and it consists of artist that they have worked with putting together a few tracks as a free download. You can download the entire series from their site.

It features music from artists we’ve metioned in the #HPOTW segment before such as Sivey & ROM so its well worth getting your hands on!