Suspended in the Air (Meteora)

If there is a heaven on Earth, it is here.

I could have easily penned those famous lines from Khusro while watching the sun go down behind the Pindos range across from Meteora. If I were stingy with my words in this age of callous uses of superlatives, I would still call this view Breathtaking.

Like a top tier Michelin 3 star, this place is Exceptional — Worthy of a Special Journey. It’s one of the rare UNESCO World Heritage Sites that features in both their Cultural and Natural lists.

At almost a 4 hour scenic drive from Athens, this is not a day trip, and is usually coupled with a stop at Delphi by tour operators, which gives you one evening (barely) and one day to see the sights and experience the magic, at which point, you shouldn’t even bother. You should give this place at least 2 solid evenings — with every evening creating a unique experience due to the interplay between the clouds and the sunset.

Yes, that extra evening in Santorini or Mykonos is definitely not needed, trust me.


As I stood beside my tripod capturing gigabytes of pixels automatically, mesmerized by the scene unfolding in front of me, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed at the current state of special effects and photography — there was nothing in our state-of-the-art that could artificially create the visual experience of a sunset in Meteora, and there was no instrument available to man that could reproduce this moment. “This is better than any special effect I have ever seen”, I whispered.

The monks built the monasteries on these monoliths to take them higher, closer to God. And for those few captivating hours every evening, you will truly believe that you are.

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