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Get Any Email Address in a Few Seconds

You’ve successfully created your custom lead generation app in dashdash, and now want to proceed to enrichment of your new leads? Let’s do it!

By connecting to our integration, you can find the email address of any professional based on their full name and domain name of the email address. You have 100 searches per month for free!

Step 1: Connect to the integration

If you don’t have one already, head to and create an account. Get your API key here and use it to connect to our integration from the Integrations menu.

Step 2: Set up your app

2.1. Find the email address of a list of prospects

Create an app in dashdash. Set up three columns for

  • A1:Company Domain
  • B1:First Name
  • C1:Last Name

Caution: Domains are not URLs!
Example: For Spotify, the domain name is “”, and not" or “”.

Import your list of prospects in the dashdash app. Then, use the next column to make your request:

Parse the email address:

Find any email with our integration

To get the email address for your full contact list, simply copy-paste the formulas in D2 and E2 down.

2.2 Find the email address of generated leads in another app view

In case you’ve built your custom lead generation app in dashdash, here's how you automatically send your qualified leads to Hunter from another app view.

Let’s create a new App View by clicking on the "+" icon at the top left of the sidebar. Name the view "Emails".

Note: You can rename any app view by opening the dropdown menu on hover over a view.

Create a new app view

Make sure the column headers of the new "Emails" app view match the column headers of those data objects that you’d like to insert into the view. In this example, we’d like to import all names and titles, and therefore create a column with the title "Name" and one with the title "Title" in our Hunter app.

Back in your original LinkedIn lead generation app, go ahead and add an additional column to specify which of your generated leads qualify. Then, create a new column to manage your data (f.ex. "Send to Emails"). From this column, you'll automatically send the names and titles of all your qualified leads to the new "Emails" app view you’ve just created:


Note: The INSERT()formula only sends those data objects from one table to another for which the column headers are identical (in this example, only names are sent to the "Emails" app view).

Insert data from another app view

In the "Emails" view, add the organization’s domain (not URL!) in column A.

Since we need first and last name to find your prospects’ email address, let’s filter those out into two separate columns using the following formula in D2 (first name):

D2=IF(B2<>"",LEFT(B2,FIND(" ",B2)-1),"")

And the one below in E2 (last name):

E2=IF(B2<>"",RIGHT(B2,LEN(B2)-SEARCH(" ",B2)),"")

To get the first and last names filtered out for all your search results, simply copy-paste the formulas from D2 and E2 and drag down.

Repeat Step 2.1. above to find the email address of your qualified leads:

Get the email address of your qualified leads

Can’t get enough of automation?

Now that you got plenty of new email addresses, it’s time to target! You can do this in dashdash as well! 💪 Connect to one of our email integrations such as Gmail, SendGrid, and email by dashdash to send out targeted emails, or simply subscribe the new leads to your Mailchimp list!

You can also connect your CRM to dashdash and automatically add your new leads to your CRM! We currently integrate with HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Zoho — and we'll add more soon! Learn how this works with HubSpot here.

Happy targeting! 🚀

We hope you enjoyed this how-to guide. For more, check out our forum, create your own guide and share it with the community, or let us know which use case you’d like to see featured next! ✌️



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