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How to generate enriched leads for outbound with dashdash & SalesLabs

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If you work in Sales or have ever been asked to generate lead lists for your business or sales team, you’re certainly familiar with the frustration of building and enriching prospect lists.

The process of obtaining qualified, verified leads that are ready for outreach is often messy and time-consuming. However, without these leads, your sales team can’t generate new opportunities and close deals.

There are a few approaches to lead generation: Either you hire an army of interns to manually scrape databases and find emails, have someone from your team do it manually, or you outsource it. No matter what you decide, you will either spend a lot of money or a lot of time.

That’s why we’ve partnered with dashdash and created an end-to-end lead generation workflow that we use here at SalesLabs.

From company names and LinkedIn profiles to email addresses and even phone numbers, you can generate customized lead lists at scale, all in one spreadsheet and with no coding skills required. You can even send your leads directly to Hubspot or Pipedrive.


Find out how to build and enrich lead lists at scale in a spreadsheet — no coding skills required. Just the spreadsheet skills you already have!

👉 Get access to the workflow here 👈

Step 1: Generate a list of enriched companies

Let’s assume we’re selling an HR solution to growing businesses. We’d like to build a list with CEOs of SaaS companies, based in Munich, with 50 to 100 employees.

In our first spreadsheet view, Companies by Size, we can retrieve data from Crunchbase thanks to dashdash’s custom API integration. You can build lists of companies and enrich them with Crunchbase data without the need of a Crunchbase Pro account! You only pay for what you use in dashdash, with $0.10 per search, and $0.01 per company enrichment via Crunchbase.

In order to fill an empty table with lead data , simply specify your search criteria, such as number of employees, category (industry), or location. Once ready, hit the Get Companies button and let the magic happen:

Build a list of target companies with dashdash's custom Crunchbase functions.

And we’re not done yet! You can get additional data points like email domain, region, number of employees, funding rounds and investors, headquarter address, or names and LinkedIn profiles of the executive team by hitting the Enrich All button.

Enrich companies with Crunchbase data using dashdash's custom Crunchbase functions.

How cool is that? 🤩

Then, save your enriched lead list in a separate sheet (here: “Export Crunchbase”) with the Save All button.

But — what is a list of companies worth without the actual people you can get in touch with? Not much, right?

That’s why we added a sheet that identifies key stakeholders at our selected companies based on job title. Using dashdash's Google Custom Search integration, we can retrieve names, titles, and LinkedIn profile links of the decision makers we're looking for.

To send your companies to this sheet, just hit the Send All button and find the right POCs in a breeze. You can also get Xing profile links if you prefer.

👉 Get access to the workflow here 👈

Step 2: Find people, enrich them with their work email and phone number

The Find people on LinkedIn sheet lists your enriched companies from the first step. Let’s now find the CEOs of each company.

You would normally have to scrape that data manually on LinkedIn, which can be quite time-consuming (and super boring). Just make sure to put in the job title you are looking for in the Job title/Function column, then hit the Get All Profiles button.

Can you believe it?! You now have the first and last name of each CEO as well as their LinkedIn profile! You could already start your outreach on LinkedIn and get some deals running.

Now, you can choose to either use the Hunter or Pipl integration to further enrich your new contacts with an email address. Let’s use both, just in case. Pipl will give you phone numbers as well!

Find the names, LinkedIn profile links, email addresses, and even phone numbers of each company’s CEO.

Amazing, right! We just found verified email addresses from two data sources as well as mobile phone numbers. Don't forget to save your new, fully enriched contacts in a separate sheet by hitting the Save All button.

Now, we are pretty much ready to start our outreach to our targeted list of leads, which brings us to our final step: Exporting our list to Hubspot. Luckily, we can also do that from within a spreadsheet cell!

👉 Get access to the workflow here 👈

Step 3: Export to Hubspot

From the Export Contacts view, which lists all your enriched leads in one place, just click on the Add to HubSpot button for each lead that you want to add to Hubspot, or press Add All to add them all at once.

Automatically add your fully enriched leads to your HubSpot CRM.

And voilà! That’s how you generate massive lead lists from a spreadsheet, using dashdash and your spreadsheet skills — no scripts needed! With a bit of practice, you can generate hundreds of enriched leads in minutes, for a fraction of the cost that come with current solutions.

To give you an idea, I obtained around 1.260 enriched companies. I was able to find and enrich around 80% of CEOs, with a total spend of around $40, which results in about 4 cents per lead. This can vary based on your industry, but it is cheaper than anything I could find for enriched, targeted data.

This workflow is still in beta, and we very much welcome your feedback to make it even better. If you want to join the dashdash beta program and try this workflow yourself, fill in the form here and we’ll get you set up as soon as possible!

👉 Get access to the workflow here 👈

This article was co-authored by Thibaut Souyris, CEO & Founder of SalesLabs, and Nadja Beneš, Content Strategy & Customer Success at dashdash.




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