Thinking towards the Future

Ten things we MUST prepare black children for over the next 10 years

Written By. Reel Robinson

As the world rapidly changes, our youth are being left behind and forgotten by this society. A society that forces most adults into a work-life balance that is difficult to sustain. It robs them of opportunities to be present and properly love and raise their children. The black community, in particular, are disorganized the most by this separation. In a community that is in dire of need of leadership, relying on our men and women to leave the community to make ends meet needs to be addressed. Our priorities must shift to ensure the next generation survives this era of cultural misinformation.

We must provide our youth with the resources and tools to succeed beyond our imagination. At BBM publishing House we create content that works towards that goal. The perspectives that need to be addressed in our community will be discussed here. These are TEN important things we MUST prepare black children for going towards the future.

Industry Changes- From Crude oil to sustainable energy and BEYOND!

The world is ready for new and innovative ways to create wealth and establish growth in society. Families must discuss those changes more often.

We can’t continue to prepare our children for industries that are dying. We can’t continue to send our kids to be educated by outdated curriculums that do nothing but steer us away from these budding industries.

We want our child to have a say in what they work for and how they work for it; our community needs to utilize the internet for alternative ways to create income. The internet provides an immediate platform for entrepreneurs, inventors, and creatives. Here are some industries to pay close attention over the next 5–10 years:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • CryptoCurrency
  • Cannabis
  • 3D Printing
  • Sustainable/Renewable Energy & Development (Solar, Wind, Hemp, Biochemistry, Water)
  • Marketing and Digital Marketing
  • Genomics
  • Robotics

2. Education- From traditional to non-traditional

Education is under a worldwide transformation. Institutions are constantly adding easily digestible online curriculums. These courses offer valuable information at faster rates by offering techniques and skills to people of all ages. These new programs are tailored to help us expand our skillset or grow in our current careers. The end of traditional education is looming. It is time to take advantage of these mediums to help prepare our families for the changes happening.

A community that does not have foresight will only plant seeds that aren’t prepared for the terrain it will be raised in.

3. Teach them how to code

Black Boys Coding Foundation

Do you know how to code? The internets continuous growth is inevitable. Coding knowledge can help you navigate the online changes. Coding is a fundamental aspect of the growth of the internet and will be a high demand/high-income industry for many years. Kids who are good at math or who need something to occupy their energy fit well in the coding space. There are coding applications created specifically for the youth that are worth the investment.

4. How to develop a business plan

Owning a business is the most direct way to wealth for your family. The earlier we introduce this information to our youth the further ahead they will be within society.

We can’t continue to rely on people from outside of our communities to provide jobs and enterprise. We have to develop entrepreneurs who see the value in our communities.

We must foster the creativity of the youth by initiating think tanks that offer business planning courses to young men and women. The spirit of an entrepreneur is cultivated, we all have it but many of us put it aside to pursue goals as employees. BBM publishing House provides content that helps young entrepreneurs learn the ins and outs of owning and running a business. You can use sources like Kidpreneur and the Black Business School to jumpstart the brain of your young entrepreneur.

5. How to use sports to fuel your bigger goals

We must change our perception of sports and athletics. Students are giving their entire bodies for programs that see us as commodities. We are expendable in the current nature of amateur sports. Our responsibility lands in taking control of our destiny, there is nothing wrong with focusing on reaching your professional goals but we must make it clear that we are here to gain education first and foremost.

The money we make through sports should help us fuel other businesses within our community. Time to take our focused minds and use them to counter oppression.

6. How to teach and learn from each other

The ability to be leaders and to be led are both characteristics we must encourage in our youth. Teaching is one of the simplest forms of communication. Everyone thrives off of knowledge and understanding. Once we have that, it is our responsibility to help our youth through coaching, mentorship or volunteering time with them. We must not be selfish with our experiences as we go forward. Being present is a valuable commodity and should not be taken for granted.

7. Take control of what goes inside our bodies Food vs. Drugs

We need to define drugs and how they are used to our community. We have been victimized by the dominant society to think drug use is abnormal when in reality it is one of the more normal things in our society. We must properly educate our youth on how they affect us over our lifetime, maybe we can save some from their own demise.

Food First Agenda

Society has trained us to consume products and food that is basically poison to us. We have to take control of our food intake, at the very least educate the youth on the effects of an unhealthy diet and why it is important to eat raw foods, fruits, and vegetables on a regular basis. This is a major reason why our community continues to have high rates of heart disease, diabetes, and other debilitating ailments.

Health and Wellness Specialist Roxi Taylor, explains this in her piece Diabetes plaguing the African American community. We should equip the next generation of black youth with the tools to sustain on their own. This can be done by teaching garden techniques, cooking skills and taking a real stance on the nutritional value of the food being sold to us.

8. How to interact with police and when to question authority

Take a lesson from Colin Kaepernick and the story of the Central Park Five. It is important that we know our rights and can educate our children of those rights. We do matter and it is important that we reinforce the minds of our youth by protecting them with information and knowledge. Here is the 10 point program detailed through the Colin Kaepernick Know Your Rights Campaign.

1. You have the right to be free.

2. You have the right to be healthy.

3. You have the right to be brilliant.

4. You have the right to be safe.

5. You have the right to be loved.

6. You have the right to be courageous.

7. You have the right to be alive.

8. You have the right to be trusted.

9. You have the right to be educated.

10. You have the right to know your rights.

9. Discussing Generational wealth and the techniques to achieve it

The time is now to build wealth!

The middle class and poor class of America are finally understanding passive income and the importance of creating wealth for our families future. We are deep in the side-job economy, an idea that thrives off the desire for extra income. The value of teaching ourselves and our children the value of generational wealth can alter the economic trajectory of our families. Start a family business, learn about investments in stock and real estate, the goal is to develop a diverse portfolio of income-producing avenues. These are the most effective ways to build and sustain money within your family. Real estate gurus like Jay Morrison offer easy to understand and affordable knowledge to get you started. Learn More Here

We must also teach our youth about credit and how to use it to grow our finances. Jay Morrison Academy offers a Credit Mastery Course that educates us on the power of using credit to fund your real estate investments. Click the link above to learn more!

10. The time is now to address mental health and how to take care of our loved ones.

It is time we address mental health within the black community.

We can no longer shun people because they have never addressed their issues due to their own loved ones judging or not understanding them. We must realize that we all have experienced traumatic experiences that have never been addressed and are susceptible to the damaging effects and spreading those damaging effects.

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We are redefining Royalty! Royal Qulture Magazine focuses on the experience of the global African. We educate, uplift, and inspire creative expression and ideas throughout our community.

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