Black Children deserve Energetic Black Mentors/Teachers

Here are Five Reasons Why

  1. Ability to connect and build a positive relationship with the community
  2. The ability to share your experiences directly to those who will experience similar things
  3. The first step in building a business/organization that is not reliant on money generated but the people you affect.
  4. Will help you develop a sense of value that is not tied to finances
  5. Black children deserve to be led by confident black men/women

Self-discovery is a lonely journey, but a necessary one for black men and women navigating through society. Many times we believe our own personal journey needs to be completed before we can offer any sense of support to the next generation. I am here to combat that myth. Experience is the world’s greatest teacher and if we are scared to share our experience with the generation coming up under us, how do we expect them to surpass us? This is something I believe we must examine as a community before we can reach the progress we truly desire.

First and foremost let’s talk to Black Men

Black men have become undervalued and underappreciated within our community. There is a disconnection somewhere that needs to be mended. Black women have shouldered a large load in raising and preparing our children to survive in this society but one-sided activity with our youth is no longer a solution. It is time we develop strategies that include the connection of worthy adults (Men and Women) to the needs of our youth.

Unfortunately, the perception of black men has been created and dictated through media images that solely showcase those who are detrimental to society and not those making significant impacts in the lives of those in their own communities. We have to widen the scope of perception when it comes to our men. We have to rewrite the narrative by highlighting the men who make it a priority to put the youth first through mentorship, coaching, education, and understanding.

“Every impact we make can not and should not be quantified by monetary input. We are more than financial donors, in a community plagued by incarceration, early death, and drug abuse, the men who withstand those ills should have/demand more say in the development and progress of their community.”

In an effort to get more black men and women involved in the growth of our communities we want to share a few reasons why coaching/mentoring is actually beneficial to the individual just as it is to the people they are helping.

Mentorship is a two-way street, it forces men and women to take responsibility for the positive development of someone else by providing insightful guidance for their mentee. Since sports are such a major part of our culture, becoming a coach is a great way to create a connection with the youth. Coaching allows you to dedicate time to things that the kids are passionate about, and offer constructive criticism, but it also helps you provide insight on work ethic, dedication, and communication. These elements can be transferred to every aspect of human development. Let me explain:

Ability to connect and provide a positive influence to the youth of your community.

I understand the media likes to portray the black household as dysfunctional and broken when in reality a study by the CDC, shows that black fatherlessness is a myth perpetuated by unsubstantial statistics. According to the study, 2.5 million Black fathers live with their children in comparison to 1.7 million that don’t. This study also indicates that the wordage of fatherless is being used to cast a wide brush which pushes a narrative that is completely untrue. Black men are the most active fathers in comparison to all other races.

Black men must connect with the youth.

That being said, studies like these hardly take consideration of the men and women who take a role as coach/mentor to replace those who don’t have regular communication with their children. Coaches/mentors become the role model, the father/mother figure necessary for many young men and women to learn from and help reach their goals. We must promote and support those willing to free their time to spend meaningful time with the youth in need of respected figures, who most importantly look like them and share similar passions.

The ability to share your experiences directly with those who will experience similar things.

Experience is everything if we can save one young person from making a decision based on immature emotion we have done our part. A coach can become a disciplinarian figure, inspirational consult, that establishes boundaries and the understanding of authority. Sharing experiences is the greatest teacher, young minds are impressionable and the right influence can make a significant difference in their overall growth in and out of sports. Sports are a relatable platform but it is not the only way to engage with the youth, you can teach courses on any of your best skills to help prepare them for the future. You never know how impactful releasing and showing your passion can be on a young man’s mind.

Opportunity to build a business/organization that does not rely on money generated but the people you affect.

Let’s face it, we all need to improve our business skills. Starting a youth organization puts you in a non-competitive market and it allows us to really bunker down on how you manage and set up your organization. There is a lot of business savvy that goes into maintaining and running an organization that is not aiming to necessarily make money but provides resources for the community. This doesn’t mean that you won’t need to make money to exist but your success goals are no longer tied to the revenue your organization creates.

There are several ways to run a youth-based organization but sports have become the most popular. Sports programs create a direct relationship between the coach and the player. The coach typically has to coordinate practices, games, travel logistics, expenses, and in many cases cover the overhead costs. This can be a headache if you are not aware of how to manage and operate a business. So, having the business sense to go with the passion to help your community, will only open doors to opportunities you didn’t realize were there.

Businesses around your city have hopes of helping the community, an organization that is truly dedicated to the upliftment of the youth can access grants and donations by simply establishing the necessary business records. If you file for 501(c) status, you will be able to solicit donors who can take advantage of the tax breaks.

Develops a sense of value that is not tied to finances

Making money is important, and our community should be aware of how to make and use the money they make to instill standards and expectations into the fabric of our communities.

For men, in particular, the value within this American capitalist society is tied to income. It can seem that our successes and distresses are tied to our ability or lack thereof to provide financially. Our community struggles to grow simply because we tend to dedicate our time to financial obligations (that don’t foster economic growth) when in reality our truest obligation is to the development of the next generation. Running a youth organization is the ideal way to connect with the youth, determine your own value, and learn how to truly engage with people who you can’t tangibly benefit from.

In order for us to reach the destination our community desires, sacrifices will need to be made. The sacrifice will start with adults learning how to transform their experiences into digestible lessons that prepare the youth for adulthood.

Black children deserve to be led by confident black men/women

The truth of the matter, black children deserve our attention. They deserve to learn from, be pushed by, and rewarded by people that look like them and experience things that they experience/ will experience. Our responsibility is to help to mature and bring life into a more understanding perspective for the youth. Our talents can’t be silent, we have to share our strengths with our youth so they see positive life examples and alternative ways to generate income and provide for their families.

Black children being taught by other ethnic groups and races seems to be conflicting. The idea that a world that has little love for black folks AROUND THE GLOBE will be dedicated to educating them, is naive at the very least. Now, this is not to say that non-black teachers can’t teach black children but an attempt to show that we need to prioritize educating our own children.

Self-esteem is developed when people who love you invest in you, the current education system creates a dynamic where black students hardly encounter educators who are from their community or who have lived their socio-economic experiences. This results in a cultural disconnect. This disconnection continues into adulthood resulting in wounded black men/women who prioritize their connection to everyone else but their own. We must combat this ideology with a new, more inclusive thought-process. Educating our own children is vital to growing and sustaining wealth for our families.

If we continue to push intellectual black children out of our community to thrive we will continue to have our neighborhoods gentrified by white elites on behalf of the black children we neglected.

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