Eliminating Generational Curses

Eliminating generational curses in your family and throughout the black community is a necessary task and focus for our people. To be clear, this is not an attempt but complete understanding that 2019 we will strike down stereotypes and misconceptions perpetuated by mass media and its societal bias. A “generational curse” in biblical terms simply means to pass down any defilement from one generation to the next. Defilement can be best defined as the tainting or polluting of self or others. In this context, a generational curse can be self-inflicted and/or passed down from an ancestor resulting in a continuous pattern of perceived negativity.

We have lived 400 years under the oppressive forces of white supremacy and through these four generations of the Black African/American, we have seen our mothers and sisters raped, our fathers and brothers emasculated, mutilated and humiliated publically all in the name of white supremacy. We have seen families destroyed, communities burned and murderers set free al in the name of white supremacy. Yet we have survived these horrendous acts against our ancestors and peers to continue to blossom and form one of the most resilient people in history. Now it is our time, our time to make generational changes and generational sacrifices to set our future on a path our ancestors set for us.

Breaking a curse starts with knowing that one does exist in your family. A curse doesn’t have to be some witchcraft oriented ideology but simply a pattern that seems to haunt and distract your family over and over again. For example, in many of my friend’s families, they were the first generation to pursue higher education via a university. They eventually became the first to graduate from that university. These moments for far too many have been overlooked and in reality, need to be celebrated as we begin to reaffirm our families through possibilities that may not have been available to our great-grandparents and grandparents. Here are few other known curses that we have to break:

  • - Being the first to not become a teenage parent
  • - Understanding life doesn’t end with a young pregnancy
  • - Being the first to own and operate your own business
  • - Being the first to not go to prison in your family
  • - Opening a dialogue about family traumas and abuse
  • - Opening a dialogue about mental health and homosexuality
  • - Loving each other for who we are
  • - Ending the cycle of lying and hiding family realities
  • - Ending the idea that family must be apart to succeed
  • - Ending Stereotypes that aid in the destruction of our people
  • - Ending the need for dependency on anyone when it comes to finances/economics
  • - Ending the need for family emergency fundraisers when burying our elders
  • - Running from our problems
  • - Addiction

Principle #1

Ø Do not become overwhelmed by the pressure others may put on you. Use it as your fuel

The world can be a big, gloomy place at times and when you are out here, chopping down goals and manifesting/affirming your future; your energy can become a bit much for the average human. This isn’t your fault at all and you should not be ashamed of sharing and embracing your light. Just remember when sharing your light, others will put expectations and unnecessary pressures on you because of their insecurities and self-doubt. You can’t feed into it, just enjoy it and allow it to push you to a level you didn’t know you could reach. No room for hesitation when you are breaking generational curses.

Principle #2

Ø Bloom! Take Your OWN PATH

One of the most important aspects of our lives is individuality. Our ability to find our own lane and drive with little traffic is one of the more satisfying journeys any human can experience. We are innately prone to create and be ourselves, but society works its magic by demoting originality and promoting retention and imitation. We are built to forge new terrain so be fearless and push forward, this is how you make changes that will be rooted and run deep in your family’s history.

Principle #3

Ø Being the first means you’ve been put in a place to be a blessing to others. Embrace the responsibility

Striking down curses will come at the feet of sacrifice. Your ability to sacrifice immediate satisfaction to gain freedom for your family for generations is the most important aspect of Eliminating Generational Curses. Unfortunately, our generation will have to do the most sacrificing in order to change the generational paradigm that we have been placed in. We have to resemble our forefathers more than any other generation that followed them because we have the tools to connect, grow and eradicate myths and broken ideologies from our family in particular and ultimately our entire community.

Principle # 4

Ø Keep Your Faith, stay focused and understand that your path may not be clear to you but God has a place for you

Patience and Faith, two words that hold supreme significance in gaining control of our families. Eliminating a family curse begins with that family engaging in constructive and unbiased conversation over past traumas and misconceptions. We have to unapologetically accept each other as whole human beings. This won’t be done in a day and will take commitment and patience to execute.

Principle # 5

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Ø Some of the people closest to you may never understand your choices and may even showcase the most hate towards you. Don’t hesitate and never stop.

Growth and forward progress are routinely met with naysayers and doubters, it is your responsibility to take the criticism and use it as fuel towards progress. Our most important attribute is the love we have for our family, with this nothing can stop you from ending generations of mismanagement, ignorance, and self-doubt. Our opportunity to relearn and reeducate ourselves is among us, the internet provides us with a go-to option for self- care and intellectual growth/stimulation. We must use these avenues to attack and debunk old generational stereotypes and curses put us on from our ancestors and their oppressors.

In no way am I suggesting we are the blame for all of our issues, I completely understand the demoralizing effects of systematic oppression and what racial discrimination has done to too many of our families. That being said, at some point we have to showcase our triumphs through these issues and not be afraid to share our stories with each other. This is not a call to share our stories to our oppressors but an opportunity to connect like-minded people who deal with the same pressures of first-generation curse breaking. We have a community/generation that has dealt with these issues head-on and started the rehabilitation and maturation process with their own families. This is a new ideology and we will continue this mantra throughout 2019.

Written by:

Royal Qulture

We are redefining Royalty! Royal Qulture Magazine focuses on the experience of the global African. We educate, uplift, and inspire creative expression and ideas throughout our community.

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Royal Qulture

We are redefining Royalty! Royal Qulture Magazine focuses on the experience of the global African. We educate, uplift, and inspire creative expression and ideas throughout our community.

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