Autodidacticism or Self-Learning is a powerful way to transcend the future of our people. We have wrongfully equated education to something that only stems from the dominant society. Our concept of education is leaving the people who taught us common sense, in order to learn from professors and instructors who may not ever align with our community values. This is no fault of our own, but we have perpetuated its evolution by continuing to invest our money and our youth into systems that teach them to work against their own interest. Do not get me wrong, being highly educated is ALL positive but being indoctrinated causes confusion and builds a wall between the educated and the community they rose from.

In an age of misinformation and untruth, we have a responsibility to seek out and reflect our own truth. Our duty as a human is to provide truth and peace to the universe. We have allowed ourselves to be educated by a system that was built to deceive and disarm us. Our education system gives no effort in promoting innovation and self-creativity. We are being taught by teachers who are handcuffed by bias curriculum and lack of resources. The moment to take back the minds of our youth is now. We have to promote self-education and work to build self-confidence at an early age. Many of us have lived through traumas and misguided upbringings, and then we passively dump those feelings on to the next generation. We have to learn to transform that energy into feelings of glory and survival. We have overcome the trauma, we have lived through the worst of the worst, it is time we recover from our depressive state and take education into our own hands.

How do we take back our education?

We have to stop over-protecting our young men and women. Now we still have to hold our young people at high regard and protect them from the various predators in society but we can no longer withhold information. In order to transform our people, we will need to encourage aware children, an aware generation who can lead and respond well to leadership.

This generation is in dire need of guidance from adults who are sure of their beliefs and actions yet open for growth. We need our adults to be proud of their occupations, proud of their road to prosperity or not, proud of their role in the community, and proud of their role in their child’s life. Parenting in this social climate of over-drug use, sexual predators, social injustice, is difficult but providing avenues to aid parents in providing education at home can be the solution. We can’t rely on solely reading and writing during school hours. We have to foster expression at home and build a family comradery that thrives off self-education.

Step One: Stop relying on people from other races and ideologies to properly teach and train our youth. We should be educated by those who have the best interest in our well-being. We should be able to interact with educators without miscommunication and preconceived barriers.

Step Two: Start group homework networks with your kids and their closest friends. Prioritize education as a group and it will create importance and vitality in our children to reach their fullest potential.

Step Three: Our adults should continue to pursue lifelong education. Our youth will follow the ways of the generation in front of them. If they see we are continuously thirsty for knowledge of self and the world around us, in turn, they will pluck that trait from us.

Step Four: Encourage daily, weekly, monthly reading. We can’t just read books we must comprehend them so it is important that we talk to our young men and women about what they’ve read and helping them develop their own ideas from what they have read.

Step Five: Promote creativity, thinking outside of normalcy, teach brainstorming but most importantly we have to provide platforms where the youth can freely express themselves and learn without limitations. We should be pushing innovation and futurism to the next generation.

Royal Qulture

We are redefining Royalty! Royal Qulture Magazine focuses on the experience of the global African. We educate, uplift, and inspire creative expression and ideas throughout our community.

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Royal Qulture

We are redefining Royalty! Royal Qulture Magazine focuses on the experience of the global African. We educate, uplift, and inspire creative expression and ideas throughout our community.

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