Chile ‘s Felipe Rosa

Felipe Rosa decided to pursue a career as a classical guitar player at Escuela Moderna de Música in Santiago, under the guidance of the distinguished classical chilean guitarist, Eugenio Gonzále in 2009.

More info about Felipe Rosa:

  • He plays on stages, radio and TV. His favorite place is the recording studio.
  • During a performance, he doesn’t call it nervous, he calls it “adrenaline rush.” Mistakes during a performance? No problem! His approach is music is a hand made thing and the greatest make mistakes! He encourages beginners to have fun!
  • The fun part about sessions he said? The people! If the people are cool and chill, the session will be cool and chill.
  • He practices his music every single day with tunes and music exercises.
  • He teaches guitar, piano lessons and music production.
  • He has a restaurant with his dad. He’s the manager, and tries to divide half of his time with music and half of his time with the restaurant.
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