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Chris Grindz — A Dynamic, Multi-talented Artist

Chris Grindz is raising the bar in his own city and region. So much so that his debut album could be his good bye (not from music, thank goodness, just from the St. Louis area!). His songs tell a story, his story. He wants to send a a message and inspire people who listen to his tracks. He wants to engage his audience and get his listeners to think.

Get To Know Chris Grindz

  • From 2005 to 2006, he was a keyboardist and lead singer for Monticello, a local rock band.
  • In other words, he sings, raps, and plays instruments!
  • He is an avid skateboarder who had rapped as S.B.C. (Skateboard Chris) for a while.
  • He co-founded St Louis entertainment company Confiskated Nation.
  • Grindz entered the 2012 S.L.U.M. Fest by rap battling his way in.
  • Grindz also recorded a song called “The Struggle,”. He performed this song and opened for political activist Angela Davis at Cardinal Ritter College Prep High School in 2015. He also opened for Gibbs at the Ready Room and made a documentary, “The Struggle: A Day in the Life of Chris Grindz. His work resulted in a 2016 S.L.U.M. Fest nomination for artist of the year.
  • He released a mixtape named “S.Y.A.D. (Sit Yo Ass Down).

For those who need a little FYI. What’s the slum fest? The St. Louis Underground Music Festival (S.L.U.M Fest for short) was created in January 2010 after a conversation between a few local St. Louis Hip Hop artists and promoters who wanted to create an event that would best celebrate the vast hip hop culture in the Metropolitan St. Louis /East St. Louis area. The festival has been featured on MTV’s “MADE“, and has won the “BEST OF 2012- BEST MUSIC FESTIVAL IN ST. LOUIS” by the RFT (Riverfront Times). It is also guarded as the “Best Hip Hop Festival in the Midwest”.

He’s a multiple S.L.U.M. Fest Award nominee this year (2017): artist of the year, album of the year for “Danger Room,” video of the year for “Panic Meter! 2” and hip-hop artist male.

What others have said about Chris Grindz.

“Local hip-hop artist Chris Grindz opened the show with a dizzying display of verbal skills and accessible beats. At the beginning of his set, he took the stage while wearing an orange corrections uniform, while some of his closest allies danced and riled the crowd. He returned in regular attire and began to break down some of his best tracks. “We all part of the struggle,” he sang, waving his hands in the air. His lyrics raise the bar for rhymes that tell a story, not only reflecting the problems of the present world but also his place in it. “I am an honest man rapping,” he sings, before the beat dropped out and he began freestyling without music behind him. His rhymes hold up, even without beats.” -KDHX Freddie Gibbs Concert Review by. Kevin Korinek

“Chris Grindz — He went to prison in the name of self defense. He came home and hopped face-first into the hip-hop scene. He’s known to enter a cipher and steal the show and he isn’t afraid to rely on his skills and reputation as a guy that lived the life he’s speaking about in his music. Grindz is no stranger to tragedy — his father passed away on Christmas morning. He has an interesting story overflowing with pain and triumph, but he’s also a very genuine and warm-hearted person. It’s very hard to find a local tastemaker that has met him and dislikes him; you feel like you want him to win because you can’t believe he constantly defies the obstacles placed in front of him. On top of that, the young man can actually rap. I’m hoping to see him keep pushing and producing quality music while also expanding his reputation as one of the town’s most valid up-and-coming MCs.” — Tef Poe

Hello! I’m Alesha, Royalti Virtue is my squad! You will also find me writing a lot of posts for Royalti Virtue! As an artist on the Indianapolis independent label, I sing, make beats and play the guitar. I write love letters to Instagram to food (I’m not joking about this, my handle is @aleshampeterson), spoil my dog Dijon rotten by giving him hugs and kissy (kisses). Nice to meet you!



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