Flashback: My First Ever Interview For Music

Ah I remember this like it was yesterday. It was really cool!

Fun Facts About This:

  • I was interviewed by Indianapolis Star’s Dave Linquist. At the time, the name of the entertainment article was Indy.com
  • If you read the article, you will read that I wasn’t banking on a career in music. I was very delusional to say this. Things can change over 9 years. I am now with an independent label and I formed the band Sonic Ashes in the summer of 2016. I also taught myself how to play the guitar.
  • I’m in the process of forming another band and working on more music. Medical issues slowed me down in 2016. I hated sitting on my butt for months, but that’s the way life rolls sometimes!

Hello! I’m Alesha, Royalti Virtue is my squad! You will also find me writing a lot of posts for Royalti Virtue! As a artist on the Indianapolis independent label, I sing, make beats and play the guitar. I write love letters to Instagram to food (I’m not joking about this, my handle is @aleshampeterson), spoil my dog Dijon rotten by giving him hugs and kissy (kisses). Nice to meet you!

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