Kate McLaughlin’s You Got The Power

Photo Credit Goes To Kate McLaughlin

Kate describes herself as an insider observing her surroundings. The songs that she writes for her audience are written to inspire you, to know that you have the power inside you to overcome adversity.

Let’s look at her song You Got The Power

You Got the Power

You got the power to change your world

No matter what your age no matter what your color

No matter what you do

No matter what you’ve done

You got the power to change your world

Look inside yourself

Find a little peace

Look inside yourself

It may be hidden deep

She said that she has been empowered by incidents and twists and turns of life. She explains that life isn’t about the things that happen to you, it’s how you bounce back from it.

She explains that she was sitting in her Volkswagen Rabbit, in a parking lot, peering out into the Gulf of Mexico. She wasn’t happy with the direction that her life was going. No drive, no purpose, the whole 9 yards. She kept moving to different areas, expecting new location to bring her solidarity.

Here I sat, in a parked car, with gulf breeze drifting in, sunshine in my face and all I could do was think I was somewhere else.

Her voice started to soothe her, and she came up to the words You Got The Power.

This song is very personal to her, and she carries it in her heart as she moves through life. Writing this song saved her when she realized that society wouldn’t come to her rescue.

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Photo Credit Goes To Kate McLaughlin
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