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Meet Joshua Tazman!

Joshua Tazman has been making music for 18 years (by the way, he’s 18 so he’s been making music his whole life.) He’s performed classical choir with SF Opera for 9 years. It’s no surprise that Tazman is a force to be reckoned in the industry. If you read his bio, love and fear, doubts and dreams, vividness and isolation collides to bring his listeners a beautiful blend of jazz, popular music, folk and classical music.

Facts about Joshua Tazman!

  • He recently released his debut EP named “Jump.” It contains 5 songs and produced by Mark Mazzetti.
  • Joshua is a vocalist, a pianist and a guitarist, and performs regularly around the Bay Area!
  • He started singing jazz and writing songs in middle school.
  • He’s interested in contemplating the complex issues facing society such as climate change, as well as themes of growing up and searching for meaning.
  • It’s his passion to create honest songs that push the boundaries of music.

Music is a prism for me: it changes the way I see things and turns even the most ordinary parts of my life into beauty.-Joshua Tazman

Want to experience opposites colliding and blend of textured blend of jazz and pop? Samples of his music are available at

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