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Meet Marcus Short!

Photo Credit Goes To Marcus Short.

Marcus Short is an actor, producer and writer that was born in Cleveland Ohio. He’s been a number of places during his childhood, and considers himself a east coaster! He lived in Boston for a little while then New Jersey up until the 4th grade. He moved to Carmel, Indiana when he was in 5th grade. He graduated from Carmel High School in 2010, and attended Ball State! After graduation, he lived in Broad Ripple for a year, then made the big move to LA.

He knew from an early age that he wanted to be in acting. It started with movie night traditions in his family. “My family had a huge movie collection, and we frequented the cinema even during vacation,” he explains. He also vividly remember having out-of-body experiences by the end of every film he saw, even non-dramatic movies as a child. He felt a natural curiosity and inclination towards performing. “Throughout my adolescence, I knew in the back of my head that I was going to pursue acting.”

He was dedicated and focused from an early age as well. He watched the movies and practiced the scenes in his room growing up. During college, he started collaborating with other film students. He grew his body of work by being on countless student films and other acting projects. From the beginning, he explains that being on film sets has been a deeply pleasing. He garners a deep joy and gratitude being able to play any role within a production.

“Do exactly what you want to do, at all times by any means necessary”-

Short had his first major audition, and got the part which granted him entry into the Screen Actors Guild Union! He’s in a Papa John’s commercial alongside John Schnatter, and NBA All Star Paul George.

Short is known for having a strong work ethic and mindset. He believes an individual shows their true colors in time of adversity.

So far, I have endured many setbacks and obstacles throughout my journey. Some of which I created myself! But overtime I’ve learned to remain highly optimistic through times of struggle. I am able to clearly visualize success in times of adversity. I rely on mediation and brutally honest self analysis to keep my eyes on the prize during rough patches and roadblocks. This works wonders for me. I highly suggest this as a method to keep pushing towards your goals for anybody on a path to achieving lofty goals. Interested in acting like Short? Make sure you are have an infinite amount of passion and appreciation for acting and entertainment. If not, you will without a doubt be wasting your time! There are many people with the same dream as you. Never compare yourself to others. Focus on honing your own authentic style and approach. Make sure you are constantly conducting new research regarding your craft. And do never allow controversy to sway your course. Believe in, and trust yourself!-

I believe that life is short, and the gift of human life is true blessing. As a result, I feel not reaching for ways to do stuff that you fulfills your soul purpose is an absolute crime. Whether it be career choice, lifestyle, or anything related! We should all try reaching our full potential and courageously face whatever life throws at us head on. No excuses!

He would love to work with Angela Bassett, Denzel Washington, and Leonardo DiCaprio. He also wants to wants to be apart of hit TV series, and be a lead actor in Hollywood. He also has other passions outside of acting, and want to achieve success as a professional kickboxer. He loves how kickboxing allows him to remain physically sharp and perform under pressure. He would love to see kickboxing become more mainstream in the US, and definitely has a plan to mix his fighting career with his acting career.

Outside of acting, I dedicate an enormous amount of time to Kickboxing. I have participated in combat sports since I was 5 years old. I began wrestling and Tae kwon do in Kindergarten. I competed in wrestling all throughout high school. In College, I began training to become a professional kickboxer. Since then, I’ve had a dozen amateur fights holding a winning record.

Here in California, I have partnered up with a high level striking coach and will be taking my first professional bour very soon. If any future opponents are reading right now, know this please… “I hit fucking hard, good luck in there”- Marcus Short



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