Meet Royalti Virtue President Jordan Clayton

Meet Royalti Virtue’s President Jordan Clayton!

His artist name is Myseri.

He’s the Business Partner of CEO Da’Rell Miller. He’s also a rapper and a producer.

Facts about Myseri:

  • He doesn’t have any social media accounts except Snapchat.
  • He’s chill and laid back!
  • If you want to get feedback on your songs, he’s your guy! During a recording session, he can guide you on what to “tweak.”
  • He’s a Pacer fan!

Hello! I’m Alesha, Royalti Virtue is my squad! You will also find me writing a lot of posts for Royalti Virtue! As a artist on the Indianapolis independent label, I sing, make beats and play the guitar. I write love letters to Instagram to food (I’m not joking about this, my handle is @aleshampeterson), spoil my dog Dijon rotten by giving him hugs and kissy (kisses). Nice to meet you!

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