R.C Bonds PR, The Successful Man Behind The Successful Clients!

Randy C. Bonds of R.C. Bonds PR is a freelance entertainment publicist and a success-driven trailblazer in the industry. It’s his job to provide a service to his clients, and bring exposure to those underexposed. His unique techniques and strategies have resulted in fulfilling the needs of his clients, while adding that sought-out product and satisfaction to the niche audience. He’s the innovative successful man behind the successful clients.

Bonds, is originally from the west side of Chicago. He actually grew up on the block that they filmed the movie “Save The Last Dance” on in Chicago. He has memories of watching actors practice under the train tracks.

Bonds, grew up wanting to be the singer and actor in front of the camera. He never even dreamed of being a publicist, and working in such close relationships with some of the very people that he grew up looking up to and being entertained by. I’ve always had a passion for the arts, and loved to expose the underexposed. He stumbled across PR and knew it was a great fit for him.

“I grew up wanting to be the person in front of the camera. Now, you can’t pay me to do any of those things in front of a crowd or a camera. Now, my job is to help shine light and those who were called to the forefronts, and to support them from the background. I like to say “Every Batman needs it’s Robin, and I’m ok with just being Robin.” Randy C. Bonds

Randy’s career started his senior year of high school with True Star Magazine, a Chicago-based teen publication that covers fashion, music and celebrity news. After doing a cover story on one of his favorite actors, he had an amazing spiritual chat with his assistant at the time, who then told him about me and the story I did on him. He later reached out to Bonds himself asking him to be on his team, and help make his name a house hold name. That’s where it began.

After this successful campaign, he began doing PR full time on my own for entertainers such as Ashley Everett (Beyonce’s Dance Captain), Malik Yoba, American Idol Alum, Syesha Mercado, Tasha Page, Todd Dulaney, Mark Hood, Darrin Henson, Cory Hardrict, Collins Pennie, and so many others. He says it’s been a blessing to watch how much his company has grown since his 3rd year of college.

R.C Bonds PR & Ashley Everett at WGN News
Grammy Nominee Todd Dulaney, Pastor Shirley Caesar, and R.C. Bonds PR.

Randy provides full-service PR that ranges from coordinating Press Appearances & Tours, Photo Shoots, Social Media Strategy, Image & Branding Consulting, Media Placements, and so much more. Due to his overall love for the arts and deep experience in producing events, Randy has even produced various showcases and workshops to further promote his clients. Being the creative he is, his assistance with the shows of clients extends beyond the logistics into artistic direction and impact.

His personal motto is “Exposing the Underexposed”. As a storyteller, he loves to share the hidden gems, hidden truths, and hidden figures that are less known through songwriting, films, digital content, producing live music events, etc. He takes joy in bringing their stories to the forefronts and inspiring all who are willing to pay attention. His passion is creating a platform for others and give them a chance to do what they were created to do.

“I believe in humanization and transparency, and when those key components are present, one can learn a lot from someone’s stories of both success and failure, even more from the latter. So I’m very passionate about “Exposing The Underexposed”. I’ve always been one to take the road less traveled.” -Randy C. Bonds

He says people describes him as a genuinely nice person. He also hears people say that he’s a driven and persistent as a young black person. Their encouragement and belief is very rewarding to him.

Some of his biggest accomplishments so far? He says starting his own firm, and exposing the underexposed in a major way. A few specific examples would have to be Todd Dulaney’s story with Madame Noire, Tasha Cobbs’ Essence Feature, Ashley Everett’s Teen Vogue and Elle Feature, Dnay’s Nylon feature, and Malik Yoba on The View. He loves that his clients have trusted him with their unique stories, and have allowed him to share them in a major way. He says it’s an honor that he gets to help them inspire the world through their truths.

Malik Yoba & LaToya Cross, Senior Editor Of Ebony Magazine at Johnson Publishing Company.
R.C. Bonds P.R., Ashley Everett, and fiance John Silver.

Bond’s career aspirations includes producing a film with DeVon Franklin. He would also love to write a book and place some of his music on the records of some major CCM & worship artists. Hearing churches sing his music around the world. His dream client is working with John Legend.

“I love everything that John Legend stands for. I believe in Love, and he exudes and promotes love in not only his music, which is the hook, but in all of his philanthropic acts, and conscious choices. He definitely knows how to utilize his platform, and I love how he’s not afraid to tackle the issues that many are afraid to lend their voice to. I’m glad that he knows that his singing is not the only reason God gave him a voice, and I’d love to help shine light on the many positive initiatives that he has his hands on. I love telling good stories and I know that a client like him would leave me with many great stories to share through the media.” -Randy C. Bonds

His advice when going through a roadblock is faith. Through faith, ALL things are possible. He says it’s not about what you go through. It’s all about HOW you go through it. Once that is realized, you’ll change your reaction or response to the curve balls that life throws your way.


If you want to have a career in PR, he provides his advice below.

  • You have to read and stay in the know.
  • You have to build genuine relationships and know how to strategically network.
  • You can’t be afraid of no, as rejection is an every day part of what you would deal with as a publicist, so you must get used to it.
  • You must be genuine. People will see right through you if you aren’t.
  • You have to be selfless, and passionate about shining the light on others, even if the spotlight is never shined on you.
  • You have to pay attention to detail, as the brand of others lay within your hands.
  • You must be reliable and dependable, and you must think out of the box.
  • Each strategy has to be unique and tailored to each individual client you service. You can’t use the same cookie-cutter format for each client.

For more information, go to www.RCBondsPR.com. Don’t forget to follow Bonds on social media also at https://www.instagram.com/randycbonds/ and https://twitter.com/RandyCBonds.

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