The Story Behind Young Luv’s Brighter Days

Making a music video was always something Young Luv wanted to do, but he didn’t want to spend crazy amounts of money on it. Austin Webster found him through his friend Quinn Cavin.

Quinn Cavin (co-founder of Q&A films) was friends with Young Luv. Austin Webster (co-founder of Q&A films) found Young Luv through Quinn. Austin liked Young Luv’s music and wanted to make a music video for his track “Electric Boy.” Young Luv didn’t want to put any more time into Emosahn.

Austin then asked to do a music video for his track, Brighter Days. He agreed.

This song was written about a friend who killed himself. It made suicide seem very real to him. The important message behind the song, "there will be brighter days, you can make it out of that pit." He felt like the song would benefit those suffering depression.

FYI’s of Brighter Days:

  • Brighter Days was a very last minute project.
  • Quinn & Austin were trying to plan the video but in the midst of Young Luv’s busy winter he was barely apart of the process.
  • He didn’t think the project would come together, but Quinn and Austin took it upon themselves to do the whole video in less than 36 hours. Young Luv loved it!
  • He knew we could make a difference with the video so he sent it in to WTHR. WTHR picked up the story. He was out of town for the interview, so he’s not in it, but check it out below.

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