This Clothing Line Inspires Others To Jump Start Dreams.

Exotic Gourmet is an online store known for having one of a kind clothing that’s uniquely created for their customers. Started by Kenny DeNunez, the clothing that they make can’t be looked up online on google. “I just wanted a place not a brand where all the “what if” conversations turn into reality,” DeNunez explains. Exotic Gourmet’s name originated from Sir Michael Rocks’ old tumblr name. He also picked the name to make the customers think more and to influence them draw their own conclusions on what the brand means to them. Marriani, one of Exotic Gourmet’s most popular clothing lines, is an Italian name Sir Michael Rocks choose to start using when he made his own sweatsuits in 09’ after the Cool Kids style became the norm.

Everyday is always trying to find a way to make the “what if I did this” happen.- Kenny DeNunez, Exotic Gourmet
Photo Credit Goes To Kenny DeNunez.

Based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, DeNunez is passionate about turning ideas into clothing that people are excited to purchase. He creates clothing for himself as well, and while wearing his creations he loves to receive feedback from potential clients. Sometimes he even hears songs and starts drawing images. For one of his creations, he listened to the song Bad & Boujee, texted artist Bnard the idea of how he wanted the pictures drawn. A few days later the design was released, and 3 months later Quavo turned it into a chain. He recently started working with New Orleans based group called $uicideboy$ to plan and create even more clothing.

If the Kenny DeNunez sounds familiar, it is. He got the name after watching the movie Sandlot. Being the only black kid on all his baseball teams growing up, he really related to the character Kenny DeNunez. Along with baseball, Denunez had very video game system possible from Sega Saturn, Dreamcast to Playstation.


As a senior in high school, Kenny and friend Josh Woolford did a project in high school on how to start an entrepreneurial t-shirt business.

Playing sports, James Bond, Halo, Call of Duty, Madden with the combo of listening to A Tribe Called Quest and Pharrell, he gets influenced to draw his own unique designs.

Photo Credit Goes To Kenny DeNunez.

He gives credit to Sir Michael Rocks, Mac Miller, The Cool Kids, Buffet Boys, $uicdeBoy$, Germ, Jimmy Murton, & Quentin Cuf for helping him and his brand get noticed.

PHOTO CREDIT GOES TO KENNY DENUNEZ, JUSTIN BOYD. Marriani Sports Hoodie (Yellow)-Mac Miller
PHOTO CREDIT GOES TO KENNY DENUNEZ, JUSTIN BOYD. For that 99' and Tha 00' & Fuller Park FC Training Top-Mac Miller & Peanut (aka Kenny DeNunez)
PHOTO CREDIT GOES TO KENNY DENUNEZ, JUSTIN BOYD. Marriani Script Ski Jacket (Heather Grey)-Jimmy Murton, Ariana Grande & Quentin Cuf.

Kenny’s biggest advice? Don’t chase attention. Everybody can’t be popular or be the center of attention. Find your gift and talents and stay in your lane. There is something meant for you, but you have to find it.

For more information, go to Also follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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