Redefining Beauty — Loving Yourself Just The Way You Are

REAL TALK: It’s been an exhilarating, yet tumultuous 18–24 months as is always the case when you’re preparing to birth something new, that is way bigger than yourself. And it is a big dream — 1 million Royelles avatars for 1 Million girls!

Never-ending days that creep into each other. Intense, energizing, fuel-zapping strategy and working sessions. Missed bodyCOMBAT and Bikram classes. Middle-of-the-night guided meditations to temper anxious thoughts about what’s at stake for our girls. Coaching myself to just breeeeeath — through palpable tension that’s built up in my body. Guilt for not having the time to play or put my little ones to sleep or prepare a decent meal for my family. Weariness about the many balls juggling in the air. Marveling at my amazing team who are 100% dedicated to bringing this vision to life. More sleepless nights where my eyes literally pop open every couple of hours with another brainstorm, another TO DO, another reason to get up, right now, and make this dream a reality…

That’s my life. Hustling, juggling, negotiating, facilitating, nurturing, guiding, being. So it’s a wonder, that of all the things that would bring me to my knees, it would be a bathroom scale!

Here I am, sitting on bathroom floor, shock and awe… completely at a loss for what to do now that I have the evidence of why I don’t fit into my clothes anymore!

This can’t be right! I bind that principality right now — ‘Thinner’ is such an inappropriate brand name for that evil contraption. Did I actually put on twelve, no TWELVE POINT SEVEN pounds since February?! How in the world am I going to camouflage the lumps, bumps and jiggles I’ve accumulated over months of intense focus, drive and weariness!? That gown I was hoping to wear at that spotlight event next weekend, with those perfectly beautiful people, clearly will not work. So much for being a badass, warrior princess. I feel so defeated…

And just as I begin to cry, a thought pops into my head. Something I told my daughter 18–24 months ago when I embarked on this journey. Something about how perfectly beautiful she was in a moment of distress about her hair. I remember holding her little face in my hands, looking into those teary brown eyes, and asking her to repeat after me:

You are beautiful. You are kind. You are strong. You are blessed. You can do anything you put your mind to. Because you are perfectly equipped, just the way you are — kinky locs and all, to make your special mark on the world.”

In that moment, the cry morphs into a laugh, as I embrace the innate qualities and characteristics that are worth celebrating and valuing — that truly represent the beauty that exists in me, regardless of my shape or size.

Amazing how hearing those words of affirmation, and having them them reflected in the eyes and spirit of another female, especially one you love and admire, can turn your heart, mind and spirit around to what’s most important.

That’s what the #royellesrevolution is all about. Igniting and empowering all girls and all women, everywhere,… to be their authentic selves. Elevating and celebrating those qualities and characteristics that truly matter. Recognizing how any insecurities or imperfections we may have PALE in the light of our essence and our glory as Feminine Royalty — warriors, healers, catalysts, trailblazers, change makers, outliers, princesses, queens — ROYELLES! Can I get a witness?

Light, Laughter and so much Love — Múkami (humbled mom, chief creative, girl crusader 4 life!)

#royellesrevolution #morethanjustadoll