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Part two of my challenge to adapt to a new lifestyle

Day four to six

Day four (09–03–2018)

On this friday, my challenge went pretty bad, but this day was overall quite a good day. After I woke up, I decided to watch some YouTube before going to college. At college I first had an appointment with my teacher to talk about my previous semester.

Before I had my class I worked on soundshare. I implemented the ability to upload files to amazon S3, our filestorage. In class I followed a lesson about MongoDB, which was pretty okay. After that I went home.

I was pretty excited for the evening, because I planned to go out with a couple of friends. Unfortunately they couldn’t come, because they had to travel pretty far and the weather was kinda bad in the evening. I didn’t expect it because the weather in the afternoon was really nice.

So I decided I’d do some work, watch a tv show called “Dream school”, which is about kids who didn’t do very well in school before and are now offered a second chance. They get lessons from exceptionally good teachers, but their old values clash with this amazing opportunity. So it’s a pretty cool show to watch, since there is a lot to be learned from all the people in that show. After that I watched some YouTube video’s and then decided to complete my work in the middle of the night.

While working I discovered a couple of cool music livestreams. Because I said that I couldn’t listen to my own music, I can still listen to music that other people pick for me. I actually discovered them through Medium. The streams are freecodecamp and chill your mind. Those have some really cool and chill music for working on something, for instance the blog that I’m writing right now.

Day five (10–03–2018)

On saturday I woke up and chilled out for a bit, watching some YouTube videos. After a while at like 9 AM in the morning, I took out my laptop and decided to do some work for college. My friend was sick that day, so he couldn’t go with me to the gym, which we normally do on saturdays. So I went there alone.

When I came home a package had arrived for me. It was a new wireless mouse that I had ordered on friday. After getting lunch I unboxed the package and used the mouse for my laptop to work for college and after that for soundshare. After a while I got tired since I woke up at like 6 AM, so I decided to go for a nap.

After my nap, I read a book and watched some YouTube before having dinner.
Then I finished a preparation for my re-exam that I would have the next tuesday. Next I watched some YouTube for inspirational videos, I wrote the first part of this blog series, I read some more books and then decided it was time to go to bed.

Day six (11–03–2018)

On sunday I went to the gym again after sleeping for a long time. I met the person who I do the language lessons with at the volunteering job. That’s where I realised where she knew my face from.
After going to the gym, my bicycle had a flat tire again, so it wasn’t repaired correctly. After coming home I had lunch with my parents and brother and finished just five minutes before I had a meeting.

At 2 PM in the afternoon, I had a 2-weekly sprint meeting with my colleagues. We talked about the progress we made in those two weeks and they were all happy with my results. After the meeting I cleaned my room and relaxed for a bit. Next I studied for college and had dinner.

After that I decided to pick up on some work for soundshare again and built the music player for the website, which is pretty amazing to do in one evening. While doing that I listened to the YouTube music livestreams again. After making a video with my phone showing my colleagues what I made and asking them for forgiveness (joke) not posting the meeting notes yet, I went to bed.

Things that I learned

I learned that my schedule can become quite busy during a week, especially when I need to prepare for multiple tests, working and doing some other stuff for myself. But in the end it’s all worth it, because it feels so damn fulfilling. I have a good quote for that, although I don’t remember from who I heard that quote:

Focus on the journey, not the destination

For me, this means that I need to find my happiness in all the hard work that I put into building stuff and learning stuff, not just enjoy the results and rewards that they bring. And I think that’s a good thing to thrive by.

I also noticed this week that not having a girlfriend like my ex, really gives me a lot more time to get things done. When I was with her, I really enjoyed talking to her and it made me feel relaxed, but just sometimes I didn’t really have the time to talk, but I really liked it more than the tasks I had to complete.
The problem there was that she really didn’t motivate me to get the best out of myself and she wanted to talk to me basically everyday. I didn’t realise just how toxic this actually was to my daily lifestyle.
I learned that what I seek in a partner is someone who really wants to have my back, wants the best for my personal development and isn’t really bothered by me doing other stuff than her.

Unfortunately these girls are rare, but I will find someone in the end.
For now I will just continue focussing on working hard and building my own future. I hope you all can also learn something from my stories and make the best out of your own lives.




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