Prologue: bringing back the credibility.

Mar 13, 2019 · 3 min read

The media today fulfill the role of watchdog of the government and also maintain surveillance over a business, the social value system and all aspects of life in our society.

An effective system of government requires that the public get quality news, but there’s another part of the equation: the public must pay attention and become involved. The watchdog role of the media extends to our national system of social values. Just as watchdogs alert their owners to unusual activity, the media alert citizens to important information. The interactions between government, media, and public opinion are not simple. Media may, at times, lead public opinion. At other times, the media may reflect changing public attitudes. But there is no doubt that the presentation of information by media is part of our self-governance.

Without the credibility of offering accurate information, newsmakers have nothing. If a news organization loses its reputation for accuracy, it has nothing else to offer. However, disoriented society repeats conflicts as media oscillates between the integrity of journalism and values of capitalism while people are exposed to countless fake news which skews their views.

Therefore, to sustain a healthy society where brilliant minds get recognition, a reliable media ecosystem where fake news has no place to breed and spread is a must. Web portals, SNS, and media platform are growing at a rapid speed with them generating huge revenues from the massive user traffic that gives rise to activities like content creation, ad-clicks, and comments. In stark contrast to their huge gains, people, individual users, are not receiving fair compensation in return for their contribution to their platforms. People are the “producers, editors, consumers, and critics” of most of the media contents and should be assured of fair treatment and rewards for their activities.

Media has lost the authority in distribution and has faced fierce competition for an increase in user traffic which led to a structure where the participants have no choice but to produce media contents that have hidden intentions behind. Moreover, the media industry is having difficulty with the revenue sharing structure where most revenues are monopolized by large distribution companies.

It is time to move media, the medium that let people see the outside world, to the fair and innovative ecosystem where media producers can maintain core principles of journalism, receive copyright protection, and aim for maximizing their profits.

Most blockchain-powered platforms that claim to solve the existing journalism’s problems are making critical errors by excluding existing media from their platforms’ architectures. Even when blockchain technology can design a new media ecosystem that is separated from the existing journalism industry structure, the direction these platforms are headed does not cross path with successful employment of professional news media contents and an active market that meets the current media’s market demand.

The media should be granted with guaranteed freedom of speech. At the same time, players of the media ecosystem can only grow on the principles of good journalism, if and when they go through a fair evaluation process through proactive public participation motivated with a transparent and reasonable rewarding system.

Unfortunately, existing media platforms were not able to offer a solution that addresses these problems and needs.

Advertisers question the effectiveness of advertising in a media ecosystem where Fake News contents are muddying the water. Media content will attract a lot more visitors when the reliability of its content is established through collective evaluation by the public. What’s more, if a user-curated ad campaign can be displayed on such content, it is certain that the advertising effect and trustworthiness of the campaign is amplified by leaps and bounds.

Rozeus team is equipped with 3,000+ media partners, core technologies and engines optimized for media services, and billions of legitimate media big data, through 15 years of media service background. Building on these assets (Details will be posted in separate post.), we propose a new media ecosystem platform where media’s consumers, producers, and advertisers can grow together and trust one another.

✅ In the future, we are going to elaborate on our big picture and fine details about our project on this blog.

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