Rozeus partners with Blockchain Research & Education Group of Hanyang University.

A global news media service platform, Rozeus and the blockchain research institute at Hanyang University established MOU to strengthen their ties with each other for the purpose of developing new blockchain technology and exploring blockchain-based business opportunities.

Hanyang University has opened the biggest blockchain research institute in South Korea to foster an ecosystem for blockchain-related ventures. A total of eight centers have been created and are being operated by experts from various fields of study. The centers deal with the matters related to blockchain platform, finance and economics, policies and legislation, specialized workforce education and business cooperation, and more.

In 2019, the university is planning to found and recruit students for South Korea’s first blockchain education department for postgraduate education. The institute is confident that the future students of the department will be able to contribute to the advancement of the blockchain industry as qualified token economy specialists and top-notch blockchain developers whom the current blockchain industry desperately needs.

☺☺☺ For more information about Hanyang University, visit HERE.

☺☺☺ For more information about Blockchahin R&E Group of Hanyang University, visit HERE.

Kyunghwan Im, CEO of Bflysoft (left) and Minsu Yu, director of the Hanyang university’s Blockchain institute(right) at HIT.

This MOU will enable Rozeus and the blockchain research institute at Hanyang University to co-lead the relevant business projects that will spark synergy between the two parties. They will also work on R&D business projects that will invigorate the blockchain industry in Korea, discover and expand on the blockchain-based media business opportunities, and explore other business projects that need cooperation.

Through the partnership, Rozeus will make headway in gaining extensive knowledge on the latest development of blockchain technology, partaking in the research institute’s relentlessly efforts to understand and apply a variety of globally available DLT throughout their research endeavors.

☺☺☺ Rozeus is also partners with the blockchain based user data exchange platform, Airbloc. Read more on the partnership and what it means for Rozeus HERE.

More About Rozeus

Rozeus is a decentralized and incentivized open news media platform. On Rozeus platform, journalistic activities and social activities are rewarded with a fair amount of ROZ, an ERC-20 token native to Rozeus platform. Our reputation system prevents bad actors from producing inappropriate and fake contents, thus creating a clean news media ecosystem where democratic and ethical interactions among journalists, readers, and reviewers are propagated throughout our social network.

As a project nested in South Korea’s largest media big data collection and analytics company named BflySoft, Rozeus has access to over 1600 news media platforms ranging from major Korean newspapers, leading Korean TV channels, and internet news websites, and over 1500 corporate clients and government agencies including Samsung, Hyundai, SK Telecom, KT, and The National Assembly of the Republic of Korea.


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Official medium blog of ROZEUS.

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