Rozeus partners with Nam-Seoul (South-Seoul) University.

Mar 13, 2019 · 3 min read

Rozeus partners with Nam-Seoul(South-Seoul) University on Media Big Data.

Nam(South) Seoul University (President, Yoon Seung Yong) announced on March 25th that the university has signed an MoU with Bflysoft (CEO, Lim Kyung Hwan), AI and big data-focused company, for the reinforcement of big data business and the vitalization of industry-university cooperation.

This MoU was carried out to vitalize systematic industry-university cooperation in the field of big data which is the key in the era of 4th industrial revolution. The MoU includes content including but not limited to big data platform establishment, network establishment, fostering of professionals and in-field practical education, exchange of facilities and personnel.

☺☺☺ For more information about Nam(South)Seoul University, visit HERE.

Bflysoft is an official news copyrights distributor for Korea Press Foundation and a media big data company listed on KONEX that provides news articles and monitoring services.

With the MoU, the university and the company will be focusing their capacity to form a professional consortium and attract big data center for the win contracts regarding financial supports in the field of big data.

Kang Min Sik, head of 4th industrial revolution innovation promotion team of Nam Seoul University, said that “We will take this MoU as an opportunity to contribute to the university and the local community through the industry-university cooperation with a company that has professional experience in big data which holds key hegemony in the era of 4th industrial revolution.

☺☺☺ Rozeus is also partners with the blockchain based user data exchange platform, Airbloc. Read more on the partnership and what it means for Rozeus HERE.

More About Rozeus

Rozeus is a decentralized and incentivized open news media platform. On Rozeus platform, journalistic activities and social activities are rewarded with a fair amount of ROZ, an ERC-20 token native to Rozeus platform. Our reputation system prevents bad actors from producing inappropriate and fake contents, thus creating a clean news media ecosystem where democratic and ethical interactions among journalists, readers, and reviewers are propagated throughout our social network.

As a project nested in South Korea’s largest media big data collection and analytics company named BflySoft, Rozeus has access to over 1600 news media platforms ranging from major Korean newspapers, leading Korean TV channels, and internet news websites, and over 1500 corporate clients and government agencies including Samsung, Hyundai, SK Telecom, KT, and The National Assembly of the Republic of Korea.


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