Questions in the Age of Information: An Essay in Fragments

Image by Amie LeGette

thought is inside the mouth. — Tristan Tzara

Facts beget further and more facts, necessitating more questions. Facts don’t end at the point of their discovery — they cause the seeker to ponder and hunt the unseen. Champions of freedom encourage curiosity, scrutiny, even adventure. It’s only the ideology of the fascist to make what’s hidden — and also far away — seem unsavory, evil. Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake for his ideas about the universe that flew in the face of the state-enforced religious order. It’s like the modern ideology of the nativist, the bigot, evident in so many recent demands that indicate a fear-instilling, hegemonic plan. ‘Tighten U.S. borders’ is a most incessant platform, for fear of what’s outside, when facts reveal that dangers within U.S. borders are perhaps more insidious, unchecked. I’ve been wondering how cities, as I know some of them in America anyway …