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AI Ethics Playbook

Using Data for Good and Taking the Mystery Out of AI Decision-Making

Operationalizing Ethical AI

“There are a lot of inherit unknowns and things we need to be mindful of in AI and machine learning — from understanding model limitations to reflecting on data and data drift,” said Dr. Michelle Archuleta, Director of Data Science and team lead of RS21’s AI Ethics Working Group. “Our group is really focused on taking a serious approach to ensuring the proper infrastructure and processes are in place for solutions that will minimize bias and be socially beneficial.”

Illustration. © RS21

1. Identifying Bias in Data Sets

2. Evaluating Bias in Model Prediction

3. Evaluating the Performance of Machine Learning Models

4. Client Communications for Explaining the Value, Limitations, and Proper Use Cases of a Model

RS21 creates AI and big data platforms to address complex, multifaceted human challenges.

AI Ethics in Action

“The AI Ethics Working Group provides a forum that allows us to address a variety of technical and domain-specific topics,” said Kameron Baumgardner, RS21 Chief Technology Officer. “We take what we learn from implementing these plays on projects and feed it back into the process to make us better next time.”

AI Ethics Play Template. © RS21

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