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Healthcare Intelligence Through Data

Watch a demo of how we’re leveraging big data to improve health.

We have so much data at our fingertips, and with it, the potential to discover hidden patterns and possibilities. Novel insights and practical solutions await in the depths of our data, just waiting to be realized. But to , it must be tangible.

When health insurers and physicians are given new ways to look at data, when they see the power of this information in new light, they do extraordinary things with it. And when the data they own are the possibilities are truly boundless.

RS21 data scientists, designers, and software developers work together to redefine and reimagine healthcare in the United States. Together, with our visionary clients and partners, we are sidestepping bar charts and line graphs to stories that bring data to life to spark curiosity and illuminate new approaches to healthcare.

It’s no secret that healthcare in this country is complicated. Moreover, human health is complex. It’s not only influenced by our genetics and access to care, but also our health behaviors, physical environments, and socioeconomics — broadly defined as the Social Determinants of Health. (You can read more about that here.)

Because so much of our health story happens outside of the medical system,

In this video demo, we’ve compiled over 130 data sets from open-source data, wearable devices, organizations’ internal information, and more. While this video reflects a fictitious tool intended only to inspire discussion, it is akin to real products that RS21 has built and continues to build with our partners.

By transforming these disparate data sets into compelling and accessible visual narratives,

The demo illustrates how healthcare organizations can leverage disease prevalence and cost of care data to identify opportunities to reach patients who are struggling to manage their diseases. These health trends are then paired with other data known to contribute to health and wellness: things like distance to the closest grocery store, access to green space, and crime. This allows these organizations to readily demonstrate the business case for investing in programs that improve patient well-being, such as food pharmacies, mobile clinics, and more.

In the case of asthma, we know air quality, housing standards, and stress can worsen symptoms, so the model can predict specific actions that would help manage a high-cost condition in a particular area of town. In this way, and help their patients play a more proactive role in preventing and addressing their health.

Similarly, By considering health behaviors and socioeconomics of their members, insurance companies are restructuring plans to encourage preventative behaviors, thereby reducing costs for their members. Among other things, they are using data to invest resources into communities to improve air quality and reduce crime — known sources of stress that exacerbate numerous health conditions.

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The data also reveals trends that could help hospital administrators determine where to locate hospitals and clinics, identify which services to provide, and

When the definition of healthcare data is expanded to include factors that influence our health day to day, we can share a healthcare delivery model that is truly built around patients. For me, it is so inspiring to play a role in making this multidimensional data both accessible and tangible for insurers and providers, such that, together,

💡 Learn more about our Health Lab, dedicated exclusively to health care.

RS21 Health Lab is working with healthcare leaders to improve health equity in the United States through the use of advanced healthcare analytics and technology.




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