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Industry Partnership for Homeland Security Solutions

A formal partnership with Booz Allen Hamilton supports national security and resilience with AI and machine learning

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Booz Allen and RS21 build data science, visualization tools

Accessible and explainable artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can help the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) better deliver on its vital mission — to keep the nation safe. To empower DHS and its agencies with smarter, quicker decision making, Booz Allen and RS21 have partnered to create big data platforms and sophisticated, yet intuitive visualization tools that turn data-driven insights into action.

Solving DHS Mission-Critical Challenges

Our partnership enables us to harness both the deep expertise and technological innovation needed to solve complex DHS challenges. We offer tailored data science solutions in strategic DHS mission areas such as national security, infrastructure resilience, disaster preparedness, cybersecurity, and supply chain management. For example, right now we’re providing subject matter expertise to a DHS emergency response mission — collecting and analyzing data to identify and improve critical emergency communications gaps nationwide.

Photo by Nastya Dulhiier / Unsplash

Customized Data Analytics Solutions

Using RS21’s enterprise data analytics platform, MOTHR, we can build customized applications that can uncover hidden patterns and trends in data. Powered by AI, ML models, data engineering, and business intelligence capabilities, these solutions give DHS analysts and decision makers mission-critical insights at their fingertips, displayed in intuitive, interactive visualizations. Combining capabilities such as RS21’s MOTHR with Booz Allen-developed and trained algorithms offered in AI platforms brings swift threat disruption to DHS mission delivery.

Mentor- Protégé Partnership

We’re excited to introduce our combined capabilities to DHS. The RS21 and Booz Allen partnership was forged through the DHS Mentor-Protégé Program, designed to provide mutually beneficial developmental assistance and foster long-term business relationships between large prime contractors and small business subcontractors.

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