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Kamala Harris Joins Flurry of Late Campaigning in Reno

Abby Ocampo, Gracie Gordon, and Chozen Pierce report on the recent visit of the Democratic Party’s vice presidential candidate.

Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris has made pandemic safety a key tenet of her own campaigning for the Nov. 3 election, as COVID-19 cases rise in Reno and other parts of the U.S. She held a rally at Bartley Ranch on Oct. 27. Tracie Moultrup (left), Barb Jacobson (center), and Stacie Gunderson (right) are long time Democrats hoping for a Joe Biden victory on Election Day.

A Student Leader Opens Rally

The event opened with University of Nevada, Reno’s student body president, Dominique Hall speaking on the importance of voting and voicing her support for Democratic presidential and vice presidential candidates, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

“Electing representatives dedicated to fostering a prosperous society to ensure students and the younger generations feel represented and supported is essential to our country,” Hall said to applause.

“It is imperative we elect leaders who will provide strong, steady leadership in order to unite our country and deliver positive, meaningful results,” the student leader added.

Democratic Party Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris spoke to voters before Reno’s campaign rally, exactly one week before the final voting day.

“They Know Our Power”

There was limited seating available for the early afternoon event to comply with social distancing, and some who wished to attend had to stay outside the cordoned off rally. Senator Harris spoke for about 30 minutes.

Harris spoke about the current crises happening in America, including poor access to adequate health care, the still surging COVID-19 pandemic, the falling economy, the urgency of climate change, and the need for more equal rights. Harris closed by reiterating the importance of voting this election for three reasons: to honor our ancestors, knowing what is at stake, and holding power when we vote.

“They [Republicans] know our power,” Harris said. “They know when we vote, things change. They know when we vote, we win.”

She spoke also on the importance of voting for the next generation. “When we speak to our kids and grandkids…we tell them we did whatever was necessary to remind people of what is at stake, to remind them of their power,” she said.

Supporters said they wanted the U.S. to change its overall course.

Loyal Supporters

“The election is embarrassing the way that it’s being carried out…but I do appreciate all of the efforts that the local governments are making to make it [voting] transparent,” one supporter Stacie Gunderson said. “My reason for supporting Joe Biden is just kindness. We’ve lost that. There’s no integrity; people are not kind to each other.”

Gunderson also voiced her concern of the nation regressing on equal rights with Republican President Donald Trump at the helm.

“There is so much more that we’ve worked towards, I feel like we’ve just taken all these steps back and I think Joe and Kamala can bring us back to where we need to be,” she said.

“The way the election is being handled (by the Republican party) is extremely irresponsible, and watching the fear that Donald Trump is putting into the minds of the American people as far as how unsafe our country will be if Joe Biden is elected is sad,” Tracie Moultrup, another self-proclaimed proud Democrat and Biden supporter said.

“First and foremost, I am a democrat. I support his views on education, LBGTQ+ rights, higher taxes on the wealthy. I know Joe Biden has integrity,” Moultrup said.

With the election closing in a week, the Democratic ticket is holding events in Nevada with hopes of keeping a slim lead over the Republicans.

Vice President Mike Pence is set to make a campaign stop for the Republican campaign at a private hangar located at the southeast end of the Reno-Tahoe airport on Thursday. Media reports are indicating he might try to have a larger crowd but also break state COVID-19 safety regulations, including a 250 person limit on social gatherings.

It was subsequently reported the leaseholder at the hangar signed an agreement requiring the Republican National Committee to follow all Nevada COVID-19 restrictions.

Reporting by Abby Ocampo, Gracie Gordon, and Chozen Pierce for the Reynolds Sandbox



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