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Native Women in Nevada Give Their Reasons to Vote

Alejandra Rubio interviews four Indigenous women on why they believe it’s important to participate in the electoral process during the 2022 midterms.

“Education, healthcare, mining, sacred or ceremonial use areas, taxes, and anything the bill supports that includes our indigenous peoples. People start looking into stereotypes like we don’t pay taxes or get free education because that’s not the case. I want to ensure that my vote goes to something that will help. But myself, in the general perspective of ensuring that we’re heard and treated equally as every other American citizen.”

“We have our voice, people don’t realize there’s so many of us. we’re not really a minority, there’s more of us than there are other races and with our vote, we can really make a change.”

“This election year follows with a rollercoaster of emotions. From our younger generation not being educated enough to form their own opinion and to hear some say ‘I just checked random boxes’ or ‘Idon’t care I don’t even vote.’ Election year is for our future and to hear people say they don’t care or it doesn’t affect them as a US citizen is terrifying. Voting is very important for our future and our schools need to do a better job of showing the importance of voting.”

“​​No one should be making decisions for us. States have been obstructing that with a lack of inequitable access to the ballot. I’m into issues. That’s how I even got here. Because there are issues affecting our kids, our community needs to be addressed. Things are not balanced, and our voice is not being heard equitably. And we’re the only ones who can change that. And we do that by our vote.”

Photos and Reporting by Alejandra Rubio



A pop up election newsroom from the Reynolds Sandbox. We covered the 2018 cycle and will be back for 2020.

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