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The 2020 Presidential Election: Ongoing Voter Misinformation and Misconceptions

As final votes are slowly being counted, Neith Pereira, Marisa Sachau, and Lauren Turner report on the misinformation and misconceptions that are surrounding this unique time in history.

A variety of symbols related to controversies in the 2020 election. Visual by Neith Pereira.

1. Count every vote!

With an abrupt message, the president of the United States has signaled his own views on late vote counting.

2. Voting out of state

3. The Registration Process

4. What is with the Sharpies?

5. What happens if I make a mistake on my ballot?

6. Fake mail drop offs

7. Ins and outs of mail-in voting

President Donald Trump goes as far to call mail-in voting ballots as “devastating” and destructive. This condemnation from a president on mail-in voting helps those who may not be able to come in-person to vote, such as voters with a disability or in the military.

8. Young voter turnout!

9. Winning Misinformation

10. Media Misconceptions

Explainer Reporting by Neith Pereira, Marisa Sachau, and Lauren Turner



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