We have assaulted and murdered political opponents: Admits Kerala BJP leader

K Surendran, a BJP leader from Kerala has confessed political violence committed by his party.

BJP leader from Kerala has publicly admitted that the RSS and BJP have committed political murders in the state. The confession was made during a public function organised by Sanghparivar organisations at Mangalore to protest the arrival of Pinarayi Vijayan, Chief Minister of Kerala.

“We have retaliated in the same way to every assault and murder committed against us. We have beaten up people. We have murdered people.” Said Surendran in his speech. He went on to say “Now, BJP has about 16 percent votes in Kerala. We will retaliate. We will not allow communists to step anywhere in India. AKG Bhavan in Delhi functions because of the mercy of BJP.” Surendran’s speech was intended to provoke the Sanghparivar activists to unleash violence in the bandh to block Pinarayi Vijayan’s participation in the peace rally.

Saffron clad activists hurled abuses in the protest march which started from Jyoti circle on Friday morning. Sanghparivar miscreants desecrated the hoardings and decorations which were made for the peace rally on Saturday. The police force assembled in the place silently witnessed the saffron terror. Earlier an area committee office of the CPI(M) at Ullal Thokkot was set ablaze by sanghparivar activists.

A police officer investigating the vandalised office of CPI(M). The office was set ablaze by sanghparivar.
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