Four RSS activists arrested for attacking youth

Four RSS activists involved in the attack on a group of youth who opposed RSS were arrested by the police. (Representative Image)

Four RSS activists involved in an attempt to murder a group of youth who opposed RSS, with machetes were arrested by the police in Kollam. Local RSS memebers Nikesh Padinjattil (20), Raju kochumudhayil(20), Anuraj Anand bhavan(20) and Anathu Aswathi Bhavan (21) were arrested by the Kollam West Police. Five other members who were part of the attack gang are missing. The accused were brought to the crime scene and their houses for evidence collection. And there the police discovered from the house of one of the accused steel pipes and other weapons used for the attack. West CI Biju and SI Devarajan are leading the investigation.

(17th January 2017, Kollam)

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