RSS controlled temple denies permission for Dalit Ceremony

RSS controlled temple came under harsh criticism for denying a dalit ceremony

A dalit ceremony was declared ‘impure’ (Ayitham) and has been banned in a RSS controlled temple. The incident occurred at Sree Kurumba Bhagvati temple in Chelari (Malappuram) when the kalasa ezhunnallippu ceremony was denied permission by RSS. Traditionally this ceremony was held inside the temple. One fine day, the ceremony was declared impure and had to be organised outside the temple premises.

For the past many years, the kalasa ezhunnallippu was organised from Pappannoor Siva temple under the control of RSS. Apart from Kurumba bhagavati temple festival which is organised by dalits, even for other temple festivals the kalasa ezhunnallippu ceremony was held inside Pappannoor Siva temple. The RSS leaders informed the festival organisers that the kalasa ezhunnallippu ceremony cannot be conducted inside the temple premises.
Even when it was argued that the kalasa ezhunnallippu was a tradition and has to be permitted the RSS leaders were adamant. In the end, the ceremony was held just outside the temple. The animosity of RSS towards dalit traditions has resulted in generating significant public sentiments against RSS.

(Chelari (Malappuram), 24 February 2017)

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