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RocketSwap Guides — Getting Started (

A set of easy to follow instructions for first timers to RocketSwap to help walk you through creating an account on RocketSwap.

NOTE 1: Some things may appear slightly different as the screen grabs were taken on the Lamden Testnet and on RocketSwap during test conditions. I tried to make it look as real as possible however I will update if I spot any differences on the day of launch.


1. Access your Lamden web wallet and make sure you have some TAU in an account (if not, buy some at TXBIT here). Stare longingly at your sweet stack of TAU.

You can refer back to your wallet to see the RocketSwap process progress — the account created, funds transferred or transaction history etc. For now move on, you can check this out when we are done.

2. Navigate to and enter the site.

3. You will need to connect your wallet with RocketSwap, click the Connect Wallet at the bottom left of the screen.

4. You will see the Choose a Login Option pop-up. We are using the Lamden Web wallet, also notice in the picture below, beside the Lamden Wallet is Installed with a green tick. Select the Lamden Wallet option.

5. On the Lamden Wallet Login pop-up:

5A. Select the checkbox Auto Connect to Lamden Wallet. (Optional — I did this for convenience)

5B. Click Connect

6. A pop-up will appear, Linked Account Creation, which will guide you through the process of creating a linked account with RocketSwap. You can learn about linked accounts by selecting the bottom link learn about linked accounts, or click NEXT to proceed.

7. Next pop-up screen for Linked Account Creation. To speed up this process you can transfer TAU from your account to the RocketSwap account about to be created as one step (instead of manually transferring from your Lamden wallet):

7A. Select the account containing your TAU you would like to use

7B. Enter the amount to transfer (in my example I transferred 1 TAU, but you can input however much you would like to transfer to the RocketSwap account)

7C. Click Yes to proceed

8. Final pop-up screen for Linked Account Creation. Personal choice around security, read the options and make a selection (I selected Yes for convenience). Then click CREATE ACCOUNT.

9. Now, go and check your Lamden web wallet. You will see an additional account has been created for RocketSwap AND you should have funds. Go and enjoy RocketSwap!

Did you forget to select transfer funds or you just like doing things the hard way? I got you.. don’t worry. Here is a guide on how to transfer to RocketSwap manually.

You can also head back to the RocketSwap Guidebook here for more helpful tips.

Throw me a bone or even some TAU if you found this guide helpful at:



For more information:

Check out RocketSwap and the good folks at Lamden



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