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A set of easy to follow instructions for first timers to RocketSwap to help walk you through transferring TAU (Lamden) to RocketSwap.

1. First, make sure you have created your RocketSwap Account — here is a guide.

2. Head over to your Lamden web wallet and you will see the RocketSwap account:

2A. Click the RocketSwap account address on the right to copy it

2B. To initiate a transfer, click the account name with your TAU funds you would like send to the RocketSwap account

2C. On the next screen select SEND TX.

3. On the Make a Lamden Transaction pop-up:

3A. Check your account (this will default to what you clicked)

3B. Check stamp limit (default is already populated, this is equivalent in terminology to Ethereum GAS fees — but much cheaper)

3C. Choose Function to Run — Default is transfer and this is the option we need

3D. Set the amount to the figure you would like to transfer (you will need a small amount remaining for stamps

3E. In the TO field, paste in the address you copied from the last screen


3G. Click NEXT

4. On the next screen, click Confirm Transaction, you should then receive a pop-up notification that the transaction was successful and the transmission cost in stamps. Select Home.

5. Select Accounts in the top left of your screen in the Lamden wallet. You will see the RocketSwap account now has the TAU deposited.

Thats it! You have now deposited TAU to your RocketSwap account. Head over to RocketSwap and enjoy.

You can head back to the RocketSwap Guidebook here for more helpful tips.

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For more information:

Check out RocketSwap and the good folks at Lamden



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