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RocketSwap Guides — Staking (

A set of easy to follow instructions for first timers to RocketSwap to help walk you through staking on RocketSwap.

1. First make sure you have created a RocketSwap account (Guide Here) and, if needed, you have funds available on the RocketSwap account (Guide Here).

2. Navigate to and enter the site.

3. Once you are in RocketSwap:

3A. Confirm your wallet is connected from the bottom left of the screen and you have funds available (Guide links above if you missed the setup)

3B. Click the $RSWP wording on the top right of the screen

4. Now let’s get STAKING!

4A. Enter the amount you would like to stake in TAU. Alternatively you can select the MAX button instead of entering an amount to stake your entire wallet, you will notice if you select MAX this is not equal to your full wallet amount, this is due to some small fees need to be extracted.

4B When you are happy with the amount to be staked, go ahead and click STAKE.

5. The Confirm Staking pop-up will appear. READ the conditions of what you are staking and what you are getting in return, then click STAKE.

6. You will get a pop-up from your Lamden web wallet requesting approval for RocketSwap to spend your TAU. READ the details and if you want further information click the what is this? link at the bottom, otherwise, click APPROVE.

7. Another pop-up from the security conscious people at Lamden asking to Confirm Transaction.

7A. You can check some of the transaction details here. The amount should be the amount you entered when requesting to stake at Step 4A.

7B. Click APPROVE at the bottom to progress

8. YOU DID IT! Staking done! You will get a helpful message flash up briefly in the top right of the screen for a few seconds:

You made it to the end! You can head back to the RocketSwap Guidebook here for more helpful tips.

Throw me a bone or even some TAU if you found this guide helpful at:



For more information:

Check out RocketSwap and the good folks at Lamden.




Rocketswap is a community driven AMM powered by a DAO powered by the Lamden blockchain.

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