The Episode of black mirror I chose to watch is “Nosedive”. This episode was about how social media scores define who you are and what roll you play in society. I think we are very likely to experience this dystopian reality, in fact I think we are half way there if we keep taking social media as serious as we do. In this episode everyone has a phone glued to their hand at all times. Everyone around them is constantly rating everything they do or say. If anyone says the wrong thing or acts out against anyone their score will be lowered. The lower your score the less your allowed to do and the less respect people have for you. No one wants to help someone who’s at the bottom. Everyone’s main focus in the show is to keep their scores above a 4.0 and anything less then a 4.0 is seen as less then. Everyone has their online platform linked to them so before even talking to someone you are able to know everything about them and start making judgment calls. The goal is to suck up to everyone in order to gain a higher score. It’s a constant cycle of being fake to literally everyone.

In reality majority of us already have our phones glue to our hands. We are obsessed over posting our whole lives online trying to give the impression that we are a ‘someone’. Consuming likes has become a serious number game to many people. The more likes the better your social status. Majority of people only post pictures that they feel other people will like. When posting anything online majority of us take into account the time of day it is, if you want people to see and like your pictures you have to post at a time when people are online, but you also have to make sure your post does not get lost in the feed.

I think that in order to not end up like the dystopian reality in the episode we need to stop caring so much about what other people think. We cannot seek the approval of others as a sense of belonging. When should not let other people’s impression of us define who we are. We need to stop depending on social media as a reliable source of information. It is understandable that people turn to social media for the news simply because it is convenient and fast source of information. Despite its convenience I do not think we should believe everything we see on social media, it has become way too easy to fabricate information. It is hard for people to distinguish what is real and what is a lie in the online world. Most often people are either all for social media or totally against in, I think there needs to be a balance in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Getting rid of your social media might not be the answer to this problem. Being involved in social media is fine and can be a great thing, however letting social media define who you are and who you talk to is not right. The amount of attention someone receives on social media does not determine if they valuable. Getting to know someone online and getting to know someone in the real world cannot ever even begin to be compared.

RTA902 (Social Media)

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