Actors Should Be Getting Paid To Promote Their Films

Social media should be treated the same as any other type of movie promotion. If there is a set number that an actor is being paid for doing interviews and appearances then promoting their work through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter should be fixed into that cost as well. 
I think that the cost of promotion is different for every movie and actor. When the film Precious was doing a promotion circuit, one of its leads Mo’Nique was rumored to be difficult to work with, a rumor, which affected her career. Mo’Nique went on to clear the air a few years later explaining that she was paid $50,000 to film the movie and when she was asked to attend the Cannes Film Festival as promotion, nothing would be financially covered and she would not get paid. From this, it is safe to assume when actors are paid more for roles it is expected that they do promotion for free. So, if an actor is not being paid for any type of promotion, then no why should they get paid for just social media promotion, but if they are it should be fixed into the price. 
The reason for this is because sometimes actors work on projects that they may not be proud of. Whether they did the piece purely for money or they thought the script was much better than the final project, there are a number of reasons for someone to dislike their movie. 
The beauty of social media is that it gives fans the feelings of having a direct link to their favorite actors. Actors Instagram’s are unique to them as people and it gives followers a manufactured sense of closeness and trust that isn’t really there. So, if someone starts promoting a really bad movie that they personally do not like through their social accounts, people lose that trust. They realize that that closeness they feel is manufactured (Hint: people do not like that!) If an actor is being forced to market something they do not believe in, that could lose them fans, they should at least be making money from it. 
Social media is becoming a better way for movies to advertise. Barely anyone looks up at billboard when walking down the street; they are too busy looking at their phones. I think that movie producers will realize how important having their actors promote their movies is. This will hopefully make it easier for actors to get paid for doing this. Unfortunately, I do not know how much actors are paid for to promote movies in general but I did find an article that discussed how much different celebrities get paid per advertising post. The highest was between $15,000-$20,000 and the lowest being $700. Hypothetically if there was a large movie, with Selena Gomez (the most followed person on Instagram) I think she could be getting paid $20,000-$25,000 per ad post.

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