Facebook, I dont want to grow up.

Facebook was the first major social network I signed up for. I was in grade 7, and my parents were not the biggest fans of me doing so. My mom asked me to give her my password so that she could make sure I was safe, and I did. For me, I only got Facebook because everyone else was getting it, not because I wanted it, or had any interest in it. I just thought it was “cool”. At the time, I also had dial up internet — which in fact, I sadly had until grade 10, but that’s beside the point. For me to even load a post on Facebook, or chat with my friends took extra-long, thanks to dial up. Facebook started to become exciting for me, even though I had to wait a little longer for things to show up. I could talk to my friends, or the cute guy in my class that I had a crush on my whole life (that’s what it felt like at least).

As great as Facebook was for the cool factor, I think it made kids grow up too fast — and I totally understand why my mom wanted my password for that reason. Facebook allowed young kids like me to think that they had freedom, and could do or say whatever they wanted as they were just online, and it wasn’t happening in real life. For me, I didn’t understand that whatever I said in a chat or on someone’s wall was actually real.

For the young me exploring social media for the first time through Facebook, I’d write myself this letter:

Young Facebook using Alex,

Don’t believe everything a little boy says on Facebook, as when you go to school the next day he’s going to pretend it didn’t happen. Also, he probably said it to 10 other girls in your class, because sometimes that how little boys are. Don’t be sad over this, and listen to your mom when she tells, you that you’re too young to be sad or have these problems. Listen to her when she says to get off the computer sand go outside and get some fresh air, that’s truly the best thing for you. Realistically always listen to your mom, she wants the best for you. Secondly, don’t spend your time on social media- such as Facebook because it’s cool, and what the other kids are doing, stay a kid for as long as you possibly can, don’t waste it away online, you’ll do that when you’re older stuck in your own filter bubbles. Also, there’s no interesting and funny memes or videos even on Facebook at this time, so I really don’t know what you’re spending your time looking at. Be young, and free, dont worry about any of this yet, or ever. Just be you, and dont care about what anyone thinks.

Facebook and social media starts to corrupt kids at young ages far too fast, and I’m glad my mom was watching over me always, I actually ended up deleting Facebook in Grade 9, and didnt get it back until last year (2016). I wish I knew what I know know when I was in grade 7, but I think I actually started to realize it in Grade 9, when I let it go and said bye bye to Facebook.

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