Letter to younger self

The first social media network I joined was Facebook back in 2007–08 and I originally didn’t even want to make an account but my friends persuaded me into it. I was never really into Myspace or any other social network at the time so I didn’t know what to expect with Facebook. People were telling me how cool it was that you get to share status posts and add friends with everyone you know but I thought this wasn’t going to be any different than other social networks and nothing to be hyped up about. I was a shy kid back then and liked to keep a low profile so I didn’t think I was getting into much, just thought it would be another chat like MSN messenger. I then ventured out to Instagram which I use more than Facebook now. I opened up that account in 2013 even though everyone started using it in early 2011 as I thought having one social media network would be enough but I thought I’d give it a try. I enjoyed it more because it got the photography side out of me and got to apply cool filters. Now in present time I honestly didn’t expect social media to blow up this big as it consumes a lot of time in our daily lives in personal and business.

Dear younger Jordan,

Some advice I would tell my younger self is to not take social media too seriously. Though I would tell myself to use social media as a marketing tool and develop skills to build a network and personal brand to help further career aspirations in relation to my desire to work in the music industry. Also don’t get too caught up on the amount of likes and followers as this is a vanity metric, it doesn’t necessarily help you make decisions. Another advice would be the use of a characteristic of an influencer in the level of connectivity. I think this is a good characteristic to have when posting positive messages on social media, that way you can help influence others to do the same and connect with them.

Some warning signs I would tell my younger self is that there is consequences in using social media and that is there is a dark side of it. Don’t let all the likes and comments get to your head, whether that is not a lot of people liking your pic, don’t take it too seriously and don’t compare yourself to celebrity figures or any instagram famous people who spend their entire day curating content and posting a perfect picture. You will find that some people just post stuff to get attention and have a fake it to make it attitude. It’s hard to figure out who’s authentic these days with a lot of oversaturated content and with them being able to let you see what they want you to see but behind closed doors they might not be that person. You will see a lot of trolling and hate comments which I advise you to ignore and unfollow them.

In conclusion, social media will be a huge part of your life. Try to learn all the new technical aspects of it that will benefit you in your career aspirations. Have fun with it and like I mentioned don’t take it too seriously even take breaks from it when you need to as there is more to life than a digital world. Also I‘m wondering what the next big app that will come out and what will differ from the current social networks.