“Perfect Wife, Percfect Life “ — a message brought to you by the brand ads of Instagram…?

The Bachelor is an American reality television show that first aired in 2002 and became on of the hugest phenomenons within it’s genre. What started out as an intriguing quest for one man to find the love of his life, became a multi-million dollar brand that had the whole world swooning in an instant. In fact, the brand became replicated internationally within several countries around the world from Brazil to New Zealand. Now The Bachelor has created a variety of spin-offs such as The Bachelorette, Bachelor’s in Paradise, and Bachelor Pad. Twenty-one seasons later and the reality show has brought together dozens of beautiful engagements, marriages, and even families amongst America’s most successful and eligible young men and women.

At the end of each season, every couple has gained something positive whether it was an important experience or the fairytale of their dreams. To those who return back to the stasis of their normal lives after the show, whether that was with or without a partner, there’s a select few who maintained relevance in the spotlight.

This brings us to Jade Roper. Jade Roper appeared as a contestant on The Batchelor during the nineteenth season with Chris Soules. Although she did not win Chris’ heart, she won the hearts of fans all across the country. Her personality made such a significant impression that The Bachelor figured she deserved another shot at love. In 2015 she reappeared in the second season of Bachelors in Paradise where she found herself along with 28 other contestants competing to find their soulmate. Fortunately enough she did win this season of the show and got engaged to her present husband Tanner Tolbert. Fast forward two years and the couple is married with the expectancy of their first born in September 2017.

Unlike many of couples who have made their rounds on the show and gone to live their private and happy lives together. Jade and Tanner Tolbert have become huge social media personalities. Through their epic televised love story, Jade has profited from several sponsors to which she promotes on Instagram. As a cosmetics developer outside of her “Bachelor” reputation, Jade has managed to build on online reputation within the health and beauty niche. Always remaining true to her brand and where she gained her creditability, she cleverly ties her sponsors to her seemingly perfect lifestyle with her husband, Tanner.

Jade endorses products and services from dietary energy pills to food delivery businesses, you name it. Although yes, she isn’t the only social media influencer to promote small brands, she is a part of the very few to do it right. With every promotion she has chosen to advocate for, they seamlessly relate back to her love for beauty, health, and fitness. Now that she is living every Bachelorette’s dream, her fans can put trust into the products that help her get through her newfound daily life as a wife and expecting-mother (a very smart tactic if I may say so myself). Also, her use of hashtags and reference to the bachelor brand is another great tactic for bringing product awareness to a large and loyal audience.