Pick a person or brand that is using Instagram effectively and analyze their creative and marketing methods? #RTA902

The Bachelor first launched in 2002 and is now on its 21st season. The franchise also has created spin off shows the Bachelorette (starting season 13) and Bachelor in Paradise (renewed for season 4).

With all the different television platforms available these days it is easier then ever to make a show, but with all the content available its harder then ever to get attention on a new show, and even harder to continue to keep a shows audience following season after season. The Bachelor’s ability to adapt to the changes in marketing and engagement on social media has allowed them to keep the show at an all time high continually gaining popularity for over a decade now. The franchise has developed into “Bachelor Nation” a community where fans wait season after season to see the next big love story unfold.

The Bachelor franchise is built on the idea of a fantasized love story. They travel around the world, eat amazing food, go on dates you can only dream about, and all contestants look amazing, fully fit, glowing skin and overall “perfect”. All for this crazy concept reality show that people cannot seem to get enough of.

Instagram has paved the way for the Bachelor franchise to be taken to a whole new level from the sense of community they have created, to what there lives look like, and to the overall marketing and advertising they are involved in.

After being a contestant in the franchise, they start a whole new lifestyle becoming “public figures” and promoting bachelor related events and products. They are now expected to be a face of the franchise. They keep up their appearance, are always involved in photo shoots and their Instagram life seems like a dream of parties, nice clothes and adventures.

These public figures also get involved in advertising that helps with their personal branding and Bachelor Nation. Everything they promote has to do with fitness, healthy living and overall looking good and self-improving. Although it is very superficial it is what the show is about and people buy into it.

Some of the biggest names from the Bachelor cast including Sean Lowe, Ashley Laconetti, Becca Tilley, and Jade and Tanner have made a career out of advertising and promoting these products. They partner with companies including HelloFresh, Smilesciences, fabfitfun and sugarbearhair and every time they post an ad not only does it help out the Bachelor Franchise but also they receive income and increase personal fame as a public figure.

Other contestants of the show have used their fame from the show to help them gain a following and use their instagram as a platform for their own personal brand goal. Shawn booth is one such example (winner of Kaitlyn Bristowes season). Both Shawn and Kaitlyn have always been very interested in fitness and healthy living. So after winning the show Shawn and his fitness-training partner Erin Opera began a fitness company called City Strong. They combine group workouts and the best of outdoor spaces in the city. They provide a killer workout and also allow you to experience the city in a whole new way: as a gym. Using Instagram they promote, inspire and show an active fitness lifestyle. They exemplify the power of self-branding and what having an online social media following can do.