Self Values in Media

Since the start of social media I have never actively tried to gain a following. This is because to me a number doesn’t reflect on who you are. Really what it is now is a popularity contest online and your following determines this. During the rise of social media stars I was more interested in following rather than being. But something has been happening over the past few years where it’s uncommon to have under 200 followers. Most people I know range from 500–30,000 followers. This may be shocking to some people but to me it’s the norm.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that social media has affected my self worth but it has inspired me to dress differently, change my hair, and to buy products advertised. This can do a damage on many people — especially young girls. The “Instagram model” is a huge part in this movement. Pretty girls who frequently update their Instagram can gain a following quite easily. They post the dream life and make themselves appear to be someone you want to be. However, many of these girls edit their photos and only show the online world what they want you to see. The issue with this is that the girls with 100k+ are only supporting the fake appearance that the media has always loved. This can make young girls easily feel bad about their bodies and themselves in general. This is just an extension of the media’s constant portrayal of women in media. Sadly even people who feel confident are constantly posting for the approval of their followers. Although social media to me doesn’t define my self worth, it’s still difficult to scroll through my feed of beautiful people.

In relation to the topic of social media metrics I have been experimenting with my own social media. I want to see how easy it is to actually gain a following on Instagram. Having 1k seems to be a given on Instagram (I currently have 421. So close but so far) and I want to see how fast I can get there. This may seem difficult to do but people like following accounts that are active, and already have a following. I hope to see where this takes me and if having 1k followers helps me gain more. I intend for this social experiment to help me reflect upon my self worth and the values I carry. Because to me, social media isn’t everything.