Social Media: Lemme Tell You…

Hey there 13 year old Autumn,

So, you’ve started it — social media. Maybe you even started it last year? Alright, either way, here’s future 20 year old Autumn writing to you with some tips, tricks, do’s and don’ts, and a glimpse into a whole new world — the world of social media.

At this point, you are probably most occupied with the sweet stylings of MSN messenger. Wow… do I miss that bad-boy. Yup, that’s right, it didn’t last. We all wish it had, believe me you. The notifications were not nearly as bombarding as the FB messenger. Wait, at this point you probably don’t even use that, or even use the lingo FB for Facebook.

Let’s you and me both take a quick moment to commemorate the life of MSN messenger. The revolutionary instant mode of communication for a good portion of the early 2000’s. R.I.P


Now let me tell you a bit about the new platforms you will come to know and love. Let’s start with the main catalog of all your social media activity to come; FB.

Facebook, which you will make an account for either this year or next year, will become your new messenger, news-stream, profile, and online persona landing page for employers — and don’t think employment is far off. You are going to land a job as a hostess at age 14/grade 8, so let’s go through some of the things you are about to do that I look back on and think maybe that was a bit of a social faux-pas.

Please, please, please, don’t like 100 things to add 100 interests to your profile. It may seem cool now, but trust me honey, 3 years down the line you will desperately be seeking a massive erase of all of those! Nobody is actually reading them, and they are so unnecessary.

Pictures; Honestly, I say we did a pretty good job here! High five younger me! While some of what you may think are the best photos ever right now, may be locked under the my eyes only privacy setting in 2017, they are some pretty good memories. We both know the passion for having a picture of basically everything and that brief phase where we thought we were a photographer…

However, while some are past reflections of embarrassing outfits or facial expressions now, they are all goofy and witty and showcased some amazing friendships and an overall happy childhood. We also kept it PG homes! That’s a big plus for us. Everything you post keeps a digital footprint. They won’t be really driving that point home in grade 6 yet so heed my words wisely- let’s watch what we post!

This is one thing we could have done better with regards to FB posts; don’t get me wrong some of them crack me up, but making a post about being “annoyed with my sister” or “going to the park with @ Brigitte” ? We could have lived without those. I have been trying to clear these unnecessary posts for bare time…

Again, not perma-damaging, but still a little embarrassing.

But, keep taking pictures! We get better at it with time I promise; and as far as posts are concerned, no one does real status updates that much anymore — my Facebook news feed is basically a stream of memes and funny videos. Oh, and also you don’t know what a meme is yet! It’s only the greatest thing to come to a young procrastinators life (such as yours). Check out some of these prime memes (funny pictures with better suited captions!);

Okay, so that covers Facebook. Twitter — I know we use it somewhat right now under the pseudo-name @indaclubxoxo. Yeah, I end up deleting that account. Firstly, I think we knew that was a terrible name from the get-go, and secondly, we’re not that good at twitter. We have gotten better with time starting with changing the name to autcharalamp, but still not the personal fav. Look at me, telling you our preferences like you don’t already know.

The best platform for last — Instagram. This place is our haven! We love photographs, photographing, aesthetic appeal, design, etc right? Take that all and put it in one app!

I think by the time this app gets to your iPhone 4 it will be about halfway through grade 9. This app is your new best friend! However, if I can offer one piece of advice, AVOID at all costs the picture of the pine tree in winter with the caption, “So excited for Christmas tomorrow, going to the grandma’s. #sushi”. That #sushi will never be forgotten by your best friend Steph whom you will meet in grade 10. You may have known, that for some reason on Christmas Eve you dug some sushi out of the fridge and were eating it, but no one else does and that picture is not accurate to that tag! Steph will be screenshotting this and trust me when I say, I think we can expect that screenshot at our wedding…

Here’s the plus side now though; today you have not one, but two bomb-ass Insta accounts. One for your personal and one for your blog. That’s right, you run a blog. Right now it’s under construction and you have only written a few posts but it’s going somewhere and the Insta account for it has over 400 followers!

Overall, we did a pretty good job on social and we are getting better at it every day man I promise.

Some of the favs, like MSN messenger, and Vine didn’t make it. But, rest assured social media is still growing and you’re growing with it.

Here’s the thing — it’s more complex than we give it credit for. You’re even studying it in a class right now! #RTA902. I know, you thought you would studying fashion design in Parsons, NYC by this time. Plans changed a bit…

If this class has taught us anything it’s this — social media is both your biggest opportunity and your biggest threat. We have to watch it here sista.

Here’s how I (we) see it today;

  1. Avoid online arguments (for the digital footprint purposes)

2. Continue to have fun with social media! Some of those embarrassing moments are the best ones; and for the times you weren’t amazed with a photo of yourself online; girl! We talked about how to self-care with social media and one of the biggest take-aways for me was not to take ourselves so seriously. A computer can’t tell the world about you — you tell the world about you.

3. We are a pretty decent writer. Social Media has been one of the biggest reasons we have been able to transform ideas into spreadable, readable content man! It’s pretty exciting! Keep innovating and idea-ating! With cool platforms like this one (which we found out about in RTA 902) we have spread our wings!

Doing it for the vine, watching the likes and comments, recording for stories and to share with friends. This is all possible today (with the exception of doing it for the vine, but that one was just fun to say — trust, for like 2 years it’s going to be all everyone is saying).

Autumn, you have a lot to look forward to and you have learned so much up to this point in 2017. I am confident that we will continue to slay online. For now, 13 year old Autumn, don’t sit in front of the screen too much. Grow with the technology, but be sure to treasure the moments in front of your face as well. Having discussed the overbearing presence of technology in school I want to tell you to both embrace technology and remember that social media is only one form of social; face-to-face social is where the memories for that social media are made.

Let’s rock it girl, these next few years are going to be #blessed (this will make more sense in like … 4 years).

Keep doing you, and stay golden,

xoxo Autumn 2k17 edition