Social Media Tactics: Politics

Social media had a major impact on the recent election results. Through Facebook and Twitter, Trump managed to gain popularity and attention due to his “unethical” ways. What this means is that someone who is running for president is initially thought of someone who will be respectful, intelligent and ethical. His tweets and statements however awakened a lot of rage and hatred amongst people. This election was probably the most watched election in the world. Being a famous personality from before already put Trump ahead in the competition. Along with all of this, Trump’s statements continued to appear in Facebook’s newsfeeds and he was constantly trending worldwide. His expansion through social media is what made him win the election. It is not what he said but how he had said it. By using popular platforms and strategic timing, Trump gained the attention he was seeking. In the world we live in today where the use of our phones, computers and electronics is embedded in our everyday lifestyle, the use of social media in politics was a clever move and surely has changed the traditional campaigning ways. Instead of putting up campaign signs on your lawn and having supporters going from door to door to ask for votes, everything has been done in just the palm of your hand. Since individuals have so much exposure to different social media platforms and are actively busy keeping up with the latest, people’s attention span has drastically decreased. Even in classrooms, the use of laptops has always been a debatable topic as to whether it is beneficial to the students or it simply becomes an easy distraction. Either way the main goal of this election (in terms of social media) was to catch everyone’s attention. According to statistics that I found through research, it was evident that no matter how ridiculous Trump was, he managed to be inside of people’s minds. In every social media platform, Trump was way ahead of Hilary in terms of followers, shares, likes and views. What does this mean for future elections? Future elections will probably consists of strategic planning and timing on different social media platforms. Efforts will be put into staying in people’s mind rather than being right. Emphasis will be placed on creating articles, videos, headlines and pictures that will go viral and make everyone stop doing anything else and just pay attention to that one ridiculous tweet (for example) that might end up making you the president of the United States.

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