Successful Marketing Campaigns — Views from the 6

Over the past few years there have been countless highly anticipated album releases. However, there are few that generated the same amount of hype as Drake’s Views from the 6. Drake was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario and through his rapping career has become a representative icon of this city and Canada as a whole.

Prior to the release of this album a giant white billboard with the word “Views” in stocky letters towered over Yonge and Dundas Square. The following morning my social media accounts were instantaneously flooded with pictures of this billboard. I remember going out of my way to go the SLC and see it from the eighth floor. It was iconic. He also unveiled two posters at the Billy Bishop Airport with the words “four plus two equals six”. This later came to represent the release date for the album, April 2nd.

When Drake was scheduled to perform at Ryerson’s week of welcome there was a banner put up outside of the Student Union building with the word “Views” on it. This generated a lot of buzz on the Ryerson Campus and had people lining up for hours around the block to get tickets. His brand is so distinct and recognizable that he is able to subtly tease appearances and leave traces of himself. This sense mystery is ultimately what sensationalized the album release.

In order to capitalize on social media and reach his target demographic of Millennials he partnered with Snapchat. On the day Views dropped several custom Snapchat filters were added, one of which being the “Do Your Best Drake Impression” which was hugely popular. His album art was also a key marketing tool. On the cover Drake is shown sitting on top of the CN tower in downtown Toronto. Following its release everyone was photo shopping this miniature Drake into their photos. It initiated hundreds of memes and was a significant, free promotional tool.

All in all, Drake’s marketing strategy for the release of his album Views from the 6 was nothing short of brilliant. Social media, and Snapchat in specific, has become a significant outlet for artists and celebrities to exhibit their lives and stay active with fans. If people were not aware of the album prior, these filters certainly got their attention. Drake continues to be a symbol of his hometown city going to great lengths to show his appreciation for his local fans. He is rumored to drop a new album in 2017 and I look forward to seeing how he will follow-up this release both musically, and visually.